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Q: What is a Nascar Dale Earnhardt Sr. two deck playing card tin which is in the box and never opened worth?
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How long did Dale Earnhardt Sr. have the number 33?

Dale Sr. never drove the #33 during his Nascar career.

How many Nascar Cup Series races did Dale Earnhardt Jr. win compared to Mark Martin?

Mark Martin has 40 Nascar Cup wins and Dale Jr. has 19.

Why was Dale Earnhardt Jr. supposed to be number 5 but then went to number 88?

He was never going to be the # 5, he went to Hendricks and the # was given to him by NASCAR.

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. ever drive a car with the number 24 on it?

Dale Sr. never drove a #24 car in Nascar competition.

What is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. Wheaties box worth?

I have like 6-7 box’s of wheaties cereal of dale earnhardt never opened in mint shape what are they worth?

How many times did Dale Earnhardt Jr. win the Sprint Cup Series championship?

Dale Jr. has never won a Nascar Cup Series championship.

How much is an unopened Dale Earnhardt Sr. Lego set worth that has never been opened and bought when he crashed?

50 dollars

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. drive the number 26 car?

Dale Sr. never drove the #26 car in his Nascar Winston Cup or Busch Series career.

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. win the Busch Series championship in 1981?

No. Dale Sr. never won a Busch Series championship. Also, the Nascar Busch Series inaugural season was in 1982.

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr's wife remarry?

No. Teresa Earnhardt never remarried.

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr's dad ever race with him?

No. Dale Sr and his father Ralph never raced in a Nascar race together. They did race at local dirt tracks together, as shown in the movie "3".

Did Earnheart Jr Win Any Championships?

no dale Earnhardt jr has never won a championship in the nascar sprint cup series ,but he's won two back to back nationwide championships in 1998 and 1999