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While NFL teams are allowed to practice with regular game balls, a "K" Ball is the term used by special teams for a brand new ball, not used until kickoff - hence the term K-Ball.

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Q: What is a K ball in NFL?
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What is a k-ball?

The ball kickers and punters use in the NFL.

What does the K mean that is on the ball boy's jacket on the NFL sidelines?

The K means that all the balls which that particular ball boy has are used for kicking plays.

What does letter K mean on NFL chaingang shirt?

He is the person who holds the ball for the kickers. They use a separate ball.

Is a different ball used for kicking in the NFL?

No all NFL football games only involve one ball (the game ball) the same is used for blitzs, hale marys, field goals, punts and any other play during the game. During kicks the ball is set on a tee and the ball is also always the same size in all NFL games (Pro size; official NFL ball) *Yes, they use K-balls (unused/new balls, marked with a 'K').

Does an NFL kicker use a special football?

yea, the balls used for special teams have the letter k written on them. The K Ball came to being after many NFL Kickers were having super-natural field goal percentages and making over 90% of their kicks. The NFL and Commissioner deemed it necessary to make it more challenging for kickers, thus the "K Ball" was born. The K Ball, simply stands for 'kickers ball' and it is handled by a special field crew who ensure the ball is inflated to 13 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) which is very compressed and hard. So in cold weather conditions, you can expect the field goal to travel about 5-7 yards less than the normal distance an NFL kicker can kick.

Who is the guy with the letter K on his vest on the NFL sideline?

Stands for kicker those ball boys hold the balls for kicking plays

I have an NFL game ball. What does the K and WK. 12-6 mean?

K means it for kicking only. wk. 12 means it for the 12th game of the season, 6 means the 6th ball of the 12 k balls used in the game. K balls are kept by the officials until the game starts to prevent the players from tampering the ball, (microwave, thrown into the hot-tub etc to soften the ball to make it kick farther)

What college did NFL player Alan Ball play for?

NFL player Alan Ball played for Illinois.

What college did NFL player Montee Ball play for?

NFL player Montee Ball played for Wisconsin.

What college did NFL player Marcus Ball play for?

NFL player Marcus Ball played for Memphis.

How much does NFL player Montee Ball weigh?

NFL player Montee Ball weighs 215 pounds.

How much does NFL player Alan Ball weigh?

NFL player Alan Ball weighs 197 pounds.

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