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Describe the poster, its condition, the signature and any background information regarding when where and how the signature was obtained. email me at Nick

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โˆ™ 2008-10-30 17:23:03
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Q: What is a Jean Claude Killy autographed poster worth?
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How much is a Dale Earnhardt Sr autographed poster worth?

1990 racing poster of dale earnhardt sr autographed

How much money is an autographed 2001 Jeremy McGrath poster worth?

Many of the autographed poster are worth prices close to $75 each. The exact price will depend upon the actual poster and its condition.

How much is a kyle Harrison autographed poster worth?


What is the value of a autographed poster of ZZ TOP?

it is worth 5 dollars

How much is a autographed poster from Larry bird worth?

I'll give you $2

How much is a Tony Hawk autographed poster worth?

approx $100 to $250.

How much is autographed poster of 1999 espy awards worth?

I don't know but when you find out tell me...I have one from 1994.

What would an autographed Wayne Prokopiak limited edition poster of Larry Holmes be worth?

answer ----$250. The answer from WAYNE PROKOPIAK artist

How much is a life size autographed rookie year poster of Michael Jordan worth?

about 300-400 dollars most studies show that they can be worth more then that

What is value of personally signed autograph of Dusty Springfield?

An autographed poster of Dusty Springfield is worth about $18.00. The condition must be excellent with no tears or creases.

How much is a lee and Richard petty poster worth?

An autographed Lee and Richard Petty poster is estimated to sell anywhere from 100 to 200 dollars. However, these posters can be purchased in online auctioned for less money.

How much is a 1985 autographed poster with the top 10 Nascar drivers from Charlotte Motor Speedway worth to sell on Ebay?

About $2.00 unless you can authenticate the signatures.

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