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1) someone that is old/ one of your elders.

2) When you have a child, your Godparents become a Grand-Godparents just as your parents become Grandparents. So your Godmother becomes a Grand-Godmother when you have children.

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Q: What is a Grand godmother?
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What do you call your godmother's mother?

Well you would call your mother's mother grand mother so I would assume that you would call your godmother's mother grand godmother.

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GODMOTHER in Afrikaans is actually GODMOTHER. It Doesn't Change.

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Can you have an fairy godmother?

You can have a godfather or a godmother, so it could be possible to have a "fairy" godmother (if you believe in myths, folktales, or fantasies)

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The Fairy Godmother

What is the fairy godmother's name in Cinderella?

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How do you use godmother in a sentence?

His aunt is also his godmother.

How do you say godmother in the Hawaiian language?

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What is the feminine of godfather?

A female godparent is a godmother

Should you capitalize the word godmother?

You should only capitalize the word godmother if it is being used as the person's name like Bill, Suzy, Mom, or Dad. If you were using it possessively like my godmother or their godmother, you don't capitalize it.

Can you be a godmother twice?

yes of course Yes, you can be a godmother twice.

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Can you be a godmother twice to the same child?

If you mean godmother as "sponsor" at Baptism and Confirmation then yes If you mean godmother at Baptism then no, since you are only baptized once and can only be godmother once to the same child.

Can a godfather marry his godmother?

* As long as the Godfather and Godmother are not genetically related they can marry. Most often the Godmother is not related to the parents child (which would be you.)

How do you spell godmother?

That is the correct spelling of "godmother" (religious relationship to a child).

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