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A Gordie howe hatrick is when in a game you score one goal, give one assist, and have one fight. Gordie Howe himself did it only twice. Once in '53 and once in '53.

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Q: What is a Gordie Howe hat trick and how many did he have in his career and with team?
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How many Gordie Howe Hat Trick did Gordie Howe have?

Gordie Howe actually only ever recorded 2 Gordie Howe Hat tricks, ironically. October 10, 1953 and March 21, 1954. I know from personal conversation with Gordie Howe that he only had one Gordie Howe hat trick in his entire career.

How many goals did Gordie Howe score in his NHL career?


How many hat tricks did Gordie howe have in the nhl?

I don't have a source, but it's been said many times during Red Wings broadcasts that he never recorded a hat-trick in his career.

How many Hart Trophies did Gordie Howe win during his playing career?

He has won sic :)) He has won sic :))

How many assist did gordie howe get?


How many years did Gordie Howe play?

23 years

How many years was Gordie Howe captain of the Detroit Red Wings?

Gordie Howe was captain of the Detroit Red Wing for four years from 1958 to 1962.

How many years did Gordie Howe play for in Detroit?

25 years

Where did origin of the word hat trick come from?

It was originally used in cricket. It's used now in many sports to describe 3 of something. My favorite being the Gordie Howe hat trick: a goal, an assist, and a fight.

How many Stanley cups does gordie howe have?

He won the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings four times.

How many Stanley cup games did gordie howe play?


How many times did gordie howe win Stanley cup?

Howe has won the Stanley Cup for 4 times: 1950, 1952, 1954 and 1955. All with the Detroit Red Wings.

How many years did gordie howe play hockey for?

26 in the NHL, 6 more in the old WHA, for a total of 32 years of professional hockey

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