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In PGA Tour events for example the title sponsor of the tournament is allowed to give several players a sponsors exemption,which allows these players into the tournament.

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Q: What is a Golf Sponsors Exemption?
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What does full exemption mean in golf?

Exemption means that you are not required to qualify from previous games to enter a golf tournament. Exemptions can be sponsor exemptions or lifetime exemptions.

What golf company sponsors tiger woods?


What is a sponsors exemption?

A sponsors exemption is where the sponsor of the tournament can choose a player (possibly a promising amateur or fan favourite) who would other wise not be exempt to play in that event, and give them a spot in the tournament. The amount of sponsors exemptions is limited per event, and you would only see them in the smaller events, never a major.

Who sponsors David howell?

He is a Cleveland Golf staff player, his other sponsors are Dunlop, Oceanico, Jaguar and Srixon.

What exemptions do Masters golf winners get?

They get a life time exemption to The Masters, a 5 year exemption on the PGA Tour and a 5 year exemption to the other 3 majors.

What are the rules concerning the use of an electric buggy in golf competitions?

In golf competitions it is illegal to use a golf cart, unless given a medical exemption.

What exemption do golf tournament winner get?

Lifetime invitation to play in Masters Tournament

Who would you contact to receive donations for your spring hockey team golf tournament?


If you earn your pga lpga tour card under what circumstances will you still receive a sponsor's exemption?

If you have earned your LPGA Tour card, then your do not need a sponsors exemption. Sponsors exemptions are for players who do not have the fully exempy status that card holders enjoy. Sponsors exeptions are usually given to local professionals, or notable local amatuers, as well as marquise names that are no longer exempt. They are a way for tournament directors to increase interest in their event.

Where does PGA tour prize money come from?

Sponsors, like golf equipment manufacturers. Answer: Yep, they get money through sponsors and manufacturers. Usually, business still runs in this.

What does the winner at the masters golf tournament get?

In 2009 Angel Cabrera got $1,350,000, the green jacket, a life time exemption to The Masters and a five year exemption on the PGA Tour.

Are you exempt for life at US Open golf tournament?

No, the winner of the US Open gets a 10 year exemption.

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