What is a Dolphins appearance?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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A dolphin has a smooth, rubbery body and a long bottle-like nose. It has a tail ,which is beautifully webbed at the bottom.

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a dolphin looks like...a small whale or a smooth shark

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Q: What is a Dolphins appearance?
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What are some topics about dolphins?

Appearance, habitat, reproduction, behavior, careers with dolphins, and dolphin conservation are some ideas.

Does a dolphin adapt its appearance to protect itself?

Yes dolphins do appear

What does the dolphin and porpoise have in common?

Dolphins and porpoises are both cetaceans and are similar in behavior and overall appearance.

What are the physical features of dolphins?

the appearance if a dolphin is a long sleek body, a snout like thing for a mouth (different lengths depend on the species) and a large flat tale.

What is the Miami Dolphins Monday Night Football record since Monday Night Football first aired?

the Dolphins are 21 and 21 have appeared more than any other team (42 games) since their first appearance against the Pitssburg Steelers on Dec 3 - 1973 (Dolphins won 30-26) 2011 Sept 12 game against the Pats will be the Dolphins 43rd appearance and their 12th against the Pats. The Dolphins lead the MNF Pats series 6 to 5.

What is an orcas appearance?

About 8,000 pounds and 28 feet long these Dolphins (Yes they are not in the whale family they are Dolphins) have 2 Pectoral fins (flippers), 1 upright dorsal fin and 1 fluke (tail)

What is the largest dolphin?

The Orca is the largest member of the dolphin family. Dolphins and porpoises belong to the order cetecea, sub-order odonteceti, or 'toothed whales'. There are 33 species of marine dolphins and 4 species of river dolphins. They range in size from the massive Orca to the tiny Buffeo, a river dolphin from the Amazon basin are of South America. Dolphins are characterized by conical teeth, 'beaks', and a streamlined appearance, among other things.

When was the last time Miami Dolphins played the Dallas Cowboys?

No. The Dolphins play the Cowboys based on the NFL's present (post-2002) scheduling rotation of inter-conference (AFC vs. NFC) games. The NFC East (Dallas Cowboys) play the AFC East (Dolphins) every four years - they played in 2003 and again in 2007. The Dolphins will play the Cowboys again (barring an appearance in Superbowl 45) in 2011.

How can Darwin's theory of evolution explain the similar appearance in dolphins and sharks?

Though one is a fish and one is a mammal they both have adapted to their immediate environment. Analogous traits.

Are Dolphins vertebrates or invertebrates?

Dolphins are vertebrates.

Are dolphins going extinct?

only one species of dolphins at this time that are going extinct are the pink river dolpinsHector's dolphins (New Zealand dolphins) are also in danger of becoming extinct. The endangered river dolphins are Amazon River dolphins, Ganges River dolphins, Chinese White dolphins, Indus River dolphins, and La Plata River dolphins.

Are dolphins extinct?

No, but some species of dolphins are endangered, like the Indus River dolphins and the Yangtzee River dolphins. The pink Amazon River dolphins and the Ganges River dolphins are classed as