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Simply put, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) are the bones of tiny little animals that lived millions and millions of years ago, diatoms. This DE is used to coat the "grids" inside the DE filter which captures and filters particles as small as 5 microns. When the filter pressure rises, the swimming pool DE filter is backwashed in the same manner as a sand filter. A slurry of DE is put into the skimmer to "recharge" or "re-coat" the grids of these swimming pool DE filters. This type of filter is effective and efficient but a little more expensive to maintain. Some call it the "water polisher" of pool filters.

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Q: What is a DE swimming pool filter?
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How do you remove gasoline from swimming pool with a DE Filter?

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Can you swim in a swimming pool if DE gets into the pool?


Where can you order swimming pool filters online?

Yes you can order your required swimming pool filter via the internet. You can go to the website of your pool manufactuer to order the proper filter.

Is it safe to run pool filter pump while people are swimming?

Yes. Running the pool filter pump while swimming has no adverse effects to the swimmers.

Why are your Swimming pool jets not moving water?

The pool filter needs to be "back washed"

Do you need a filter for a swimming pool?

Yes. That is how the dirt is removed.

How can you improve suction of your swimming pool vacuum?

Clean the filter

Why Backwash a pool?

Backwashing a swimming pool cleans out the sand filter. It reverses the flow to push all the trappings from the filter out.

What setting is used for normal operation of a pool while swimming?

If you have a sand or DE filter the setting is filter in the case of cartridge filters it is filter as always unless there are other settings for your particular setup.

Which valve lowers swimming pool pressure?

You can not measure the pressure in a swimming pool. If you mean the pressure on the filter tank gage then you may have to backwash the filter. Talk to your local pool store for instructions as how to maintain a swimming pool and the equipment. Get some education on swimming pool maint. before you get into some real trouble. A pool is not too forgiving for someone without a basic knowledge of pools.

My swimming pool DE filter rarely gets above 10psi or lower now What is the problem?

If your water is staying clean it just indicate that there is not much dirt getting into your pool.

Which swimming pool filter has the highest rating?

The best or highest rated swimming pool filter depends upon the use of the pool because a high use pool needs a higher quality filter. The most popular and therefore rated highest in the popularity sense are the Pleatco cartridges.

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