What is a BCS football team?

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A BCS team is a an FBS team that is one of the "Power Confrences: Big 10, Big 12, SEC, Big East, Pac 10, ACC, Notre Dame ( the only Independent in BCS) and soon the Mountain West. These confrences were selected to the BCS because they filled the Big Bowls prior to the BCS. The BCS is just like the American Economy, the allocation of funds is just not equal, but with the mass media, ESPN U, and talk radio smaller school are gettin big time coverage, and with good players wanting to play as soon as they get to campus such confrences like the Mountain West gain popularity, but it is not the upper class schools of the smaller confrence, but the bottom feeders that is excluding schools such as Boise State. Wyoming is a prime example of keeping the Mountain West out. But the BCS is a joke; keep the bowl games and have a playoff!!!!!

The phrase "BCS football team" varies in its usage. The phrase differs according to whether you are a have or a have-not.

Have-Nots: Participants in recent congressional hearings used the phrase to mean a team in one of the 6 BCS conferences (or Notre Dame, which gets preferential treatment by the BCS). A "BCS Conference" would be a conference with a tie-in to one of the BCS bowls.

Haves: The teams in the BCS conferences use the phrase to mean a team playing in a BCS bowl. With his team ranked eighth in the BCS, Phil Fulmer of Tennessee said, "I do believe we are capable of being a BCS football team."

The BCS is a rankings made by computers. For more details go to

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Q: What is a BCS football team?
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