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Q: What is a 49ers song?
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Who won the 49ers game yesterday?

The 49ers

Why were the 49ers called the 49ers?

Because in 1849 gold was discovered in California so the San Francisco 49ers are called the 49ers

Who does Colin Kaepernick play for?

the san fransisco 49ers

Who were the 49ers in 1800s?

The 49ers are miners.

Do the 49ers stink?

The 49ers do not stink.

Where did 49ers get their color from?

The 49ers got their colors because of the gold mine in 1949 that is why the 49ers have gold as a color.

Which team is better 49ers or cowboys?


Who has more fans 49ers or Raiders?

49ers or the best

Why were miners called 49ers?

They were called 49ers because most treasure seekers left for california in 1849 hence the name "49ers".

Where are the 49ers from?

The 49ers football team is from San Francisco, California.

Who you think will win 49ers or Ravens?

I think 49ers will win.

Who is better - 49ers or bears?

49ers in terms of Super bowls.

Are the 49ers in the playoffs?

The 49ers did not make the 2009 season playoffs.

What is the head to head record for raiders vs 49ers?


Who is better - 49ers or Cowboys?

I believe the 49ers are much better.

Which team is better 49ers or Raiders?

The 49ers are better than the Raiders. The 49ers have won more games and have more championships. This year the 49ers made it to the NFC Championship and the Raiders didn't even make it to the playoffs.

What are the 49ers enemies?

I hate to root for the San Francisco 49ers enemies, but the New Orleans Saints were the San Francisco 49ers enemies. So, I am going to root for the San Francisco 49ers enemy. That is the Seattle Seahawks.

Who has won more Super Bowls Ravens or 49ers?

The 49ers, fortunately.

Who will win super bowl 49?

The 49ers!

What is the 49ers record?

The 49ers record for 2008 season is 7-9

Why many rushed to California in 1849?

the 49ers were playing.{football 49ers}

Who would win San Francisco 49ers or Carolina Panthers?

the 49ers.

What is the San Francisco 49ers?

The San Francisco 49ers is a football team

Are the 'San Francisco 49ers' going to be the 'santa Clara 49ers'?

No they will still be the san francisco 49ers, they're just moving to santa Clara to have a larger stadium.

What year did the Dallas Cowboys beat the San Francisco 49ers in the playoff final?

The Cowboys have defeated the 49ers four times in NFC championship games: 1970-71: Cowboys 17, 49ers 10 1971-72: Cowboys 14, 49ers 3 1992-93: Cowboys 30, 49ers 20 1993-94: Cowboys 38, 49ers 21