What is a 3 second violation?

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== == If an offensive team player stayed in the key-hole (painted area) for more than 3 seconds its called a 3 seconds violation. Ball awarded to the opposing team!

In the NBA, there is also a defensive three second call. If a defensive player is in the painted area for three seconds while not guarding an offensive player, the officials can call a defensive three second violation. This rule was put in to keep teams who play the zone defense from placing a player in the lane solely for rebounding or keeping an offensive player from driving the lane.

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Q: What is a 3 second violation?
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In basketball what is a 3 second violation?

a 3 second violation is when you stay in the paint for two long

What are 3 things you cannot do in basketball?

There are many-some violations are: travel backcourt violation 3 second violation 24 second violation goal tending .....

What is second violation in netball?

If you hold the ball for 3 seconds or more you will get held up for second violation or Held Ball

How many feet have to be in the lane for 3 second violation?


Will an offensive player be called for a 3 second violation if he is straddling the lane?


If an offensive player stands in the lane for 3 seconds a violation occurs in basketball?

Yes, it is called an offensive three second violation.

What is an offensive 3 second violation in basketball?

It's when an offensive player is in the paint for 3 or more seconds.

What is 8 second violation in basketball?

An 8 second violation in the NBA is the same as a 10 second violation in college and high school basketball. An 8 second violation is called when the offense doesn't get the ball across halfcourt within 8 seconds.

If you are guarding someone inthe paint for more than 3 seconds do you get a 3 second violation?

Of course,offense or defense can get three second violations!

Does 3 second violation start after ball crosses half court or can it be called if you are bringing the ball up vs full court pressure and your post is at other end in the lane?

Anytime you have the ball (offense) the 3 second violation can be called.

Is it a 3 second violation when you have 1 foot in and 1 foot out of the key in a basketball game?


What is three second violation?

A three second violation is a rule violation in basketball, which occurs when an offensive player is standing in the paint for more than three seconds.

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