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A 20-20 player is a player that hits 20 home runs in a season and also steals 20 bases in that season

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Q: What is a 20 20 player in baseball?
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When did baseball player Jim Boyle play?

Jim Boyle debuted on June 20, 1926 and played his final game on June 20, 1926.

When did baseball player Terry Connell play?

Terry Connell debuted on June 20, 1874 and played his final game on June 20, 1874.

When did baseball player Mark Davidson play?

Mark Davidson debuted on June 20, 1986 and played his final game on September 20, 1991.

When and where was baseball player Cuke Barrows born?

Cuke Barrows was born October 20, 1883, in Gray, ME, USA.

When and where was baseball player Paddy Baumann born?

Paddy Baumann was born December 20, 1885, in Indianapolis, IN, USA.

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Who was a famous baseball player from the 20's?

Babe Ruth was a famous player in the 20's

What happened in janrary 20 1997?

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When was baseball player Jocko Fields born?

Jocko Fields was born October 20, 1864.

When was baseball player Luis Alcaraz born?

Luis Alcaraz was born June 20, 1941.

When was baseball player Rugger Ardizoia born?

Rugger Ardizoia was born November 20, 1919.

When was baseball player Tony Chevez born?

Tony Chevez was born June 20, 1953.

When was baseball player Angel Sanchez born?

Angel Sanchez was born September 20, 1983.

When was baseball player Israel Sanchez born?

Israel Sanchez was born August 20, 1963.

When was baseball player Geovany Soto born?

Geovany Soto was born January 20, 1983.

When was baseball player Bill Zimmerman born?

Bill Zimmerman was born January 20, 1887.

When did baseball player Luis Alvarado die?

Luis Alvarado died March 20, 2001.

When did baseball player Joe DeSa die?

Joe DeSa died December 20, 1986.