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Q: What is a 1992 Limited Edition Dale Earnhardt Sr. racing 1 of ten thousand made car and card in sealed package worth?
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What is the difference between a PT Cruiser touring edition and a PT Cruiser limited edition?

The difference between the PT Cruiser Touring Edition and the Limited Edition are related to the trim package. The Limited Edition has a different bumper, grill, and scalloping in the passenger compartment along with some extra electronics.

Where can you get the Limited Edition Halo 4 package?

Anywhere accepting pre-orders.

Did they make an SS 454 pickup Dale Earnhardt Sr. edition?

I've never heard of a Dale Earnhardt package available from the factory, but many of those packages were dealer installed down south.

What comes In the beatles rock band package?

a microphone, a drumset, a guitar (Paul McCartney's bass if you get limited edition) and the game

Is rock band special edition only for a limited time?

No, the "Special Edition" bundle just means that it is the only package that comes with a guitar, drum set and microphone. The version of the game that only comes with the game disc is considered the regular edition.

Did panic at the disco ever win a Grammy?

Sadly not yet, but they were nominated in 2008 & 2009 for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package.

How much is a 2002 seattle mariners limited edition 25th anniversary rawlings ball still in original package and case worth?

18.99 on ebay.

What is the value of Limited edition 1964 JFK 50 cent piece?

The Mint does not issue "Limited Edition" coins. Yours was almost certainly repackaged by a private company and sold as a collectible or keepsake. Assuming the coin is in near-uncirculated condition, it's worth around $8 whether it's in a special package or not.

Will the wheels from a 2009 f-150 limited edition fit 2004 f-150?

There is no Limited edition Ford F-150. There is XL, XLT, Lariat, FX4, King Ranch, Harley Davidson, and then the highest package, Platinum. But rims from any '09 or '10 F-150 WILL fit on a 2004 F-150 as long as it has the same bolt pattern.

What is the difference in a 2006 f-150 stx limited edition truck?

I own a 2006 Ford F-150 STX Limited Edition (1 of 250). Now there could be other types of limited editions...but as far as mine goes, the difference between my model and the basic package is as follows: Chrome Package - door handles, tail gate handle, hood visor Towing Package 20 in Aluminum Wheels Limited Edition logos - each front fender and each rear door Strut Bars 3 piece Front Bumper - Body Kit style That is about all I can think of off top. I'm sure there may be some minor details I failed to mention. And I can assure you this changes with the year model also. I'd be happy to send you pictures of my beauty though. Contact if interested. Hope I answered your question!

What does the dodge big horn edition mean for a 2012 4x4 ram?

The "Big Horn Edition" was an upper-level option package.

What does special edition mean on a car?

Whatever the manufacturer wants it to mean. Could mean it has a trim package being released for a short period of time in limited numbers, could be a performance package, could be a combination of both. Usually, it's not a submodel which they intend to make a permanent part of the production line for that model.

What is college edition?

A college edition is a version of a publication (book, software package, etc.) intended primarily for college students.

How many days can you try Norton Antivirus for free?

Norton Antivirus is typically offered with a thirty day free trial. A lot of times, the free trial is a limited edition of the software package, without many of the features of the full version.

How much is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. engraved wood pen worth made in 1991?

You can buy an unopened package on Ebay for 8.99

What is the Texas edition Chevy Silverado?

Texas edition adds a 5.3L, G80 locking rear diff, 20inch rims, towing package, and the Texas badges in and out.

Does Frito Lay make the King size corn chip any more?

I bought 2 bags a couple of weeks ago at the Walmart in Enid, OK. Package says limited edition on it, so I'm guessing they won't be around for long.

Do you get black ops 2 with the care package?

Yes, although it will appear as a steelbook case. Same applies for the hardened edition and the digital deluxe edition.

What is the difference between a Montero sport xls and a Montero sport limited?

None actually..XLS is a step up on the trim package of the vehicle. Limited is the base trim package for the Montero Sport

How many grammy's has neil young won?

2 2010 - Best Art Direction On A Boxed/Special Limited Edition Package "Archives Volume One 1963-1973" 2011 - Best Rock Song "Angry World"

How many grammys Neil young won?

Two. 2010 - Best Art Direction on a Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package - Neil Young Archives Volume 1 2011 - Best Rock Song - Angry World

How many grammys has Neil Young won?

2 2010 - Best Art Direction On A Boxed/Special Limited Edition Package "Archives Volume One 1963-1973" 2011 - Best Rock Song "Angry World"

What is the value of a Dale Earnhardt Sr. collectors tin with 2 decks of cards still in original package?

Depending on the seller, $7.00 - $30.00 unopened.

Does the mic and drums come with rock band 2 xbox 360?

If its a special edition package.

Will 22 inch rims Fit a 1997 Crown Victoria?

Yes that will but you have to add boosters in the springs if it is not a police package edition