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Q: What is a 1978 Kentucky Derby 2 dollar winning ticket uncashed worth affirmed last triple crown winner?
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What does the winning horse of oaks receive?

The winner of the Kentucky Oaks 2014 receivedd US$600,000 or 60% of the million dollar purse. Of course the owner must share some of theat with the trainer and the Jockey.

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What does the jockey get for winning the derby?

In the Kentucky Derby, the owner of the winning horse receives about 65% of the total purse. In 2010 the total purse was $2,185,200, which means the owner of Super Saver won $1,425,200. From those winnings the owner pays a percentage to the jockey and the trainer, usually around 10% of his share of the purse.

What year did dollar general open?

The first Dollar General store opened in Scottsville, Kentucky, on June 1, 1955

I bet on the Kentucky Derby yesterday and won the trifecta I made it at Delaware park in Delaware Can a trifecta's payout be different depending on what time you put the bet in?

Whatever dollar amount was posted for the trifecta payoff at the end of the race is the amount you collect for a winning ticket. It doesn't matter when you place the bet.

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