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way underrated at $2,,,,, good investment

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Q: What is a 1972 NFL book of stamps only worth?
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How much is a war ration book no 3 with all stamps worth?

The value of a War Ration Book 3 is usually somewhere between $1 and $10 depending on condition. Specialized private collectors may pay a little more for unused books in mint condition.

How much is a full set of fa cup centenary 1872 1972 coins in book worth?

they are only worth as much as some is prepared to pay for them

Are 5 US postage stamps valuable?

Not necessarily. Most postage stamps that have been used are worth only pennies.Unused stamps are still worth their face value. A unused 29 cent stamp is still worth 29 cents.What makes a postage stamp valuable depends on the following factors:Age: Older stamps are ususally worth more than newer stamps.Certain categories: Some stamps are worth more because of their popularity. As an example; baseball or movie star stamps are worth more.Mistakes: Stamps that have a mistake are ususally worth a lot more.Combination of Age & a Mistake stamp are very valuable.

How much is a 1972 S penny worth?

Only about 3 cents

Can you use forever stamps to mail to Canada?

You can use forever stamps on a letter to Canada. It is worth only 44 cents toward the cost. You must put additional postage on the envelope.

What is the 1972 dollar worth?

For 1971 & 1972 only proof versions of this coin were struck in 40% silver and have values of about $6.00.

Why are 1972 quarters valuable?

They aren't. A lot of 1972 quarters were minted, none of them contain silver. They are worth only $.25.

What are stamps on clubpenguin?

Stamps are things you collect from playing games or doing different things. to go to your stamp book click on your player card and there will be a little button that has a little stamp on it click on it and you can edit your own stamp book. you can look at other penguins stamp books too! there are more then 100 stamps to collect some of the stamps can only be collected by members

Charlie put postage worth 1.29 on a package he sent to his sister He used only 16 cent and 7 cent stamps How many of each type of stamp did he use?

If Charlie uses $1.29 in postage to send a package to his sister and only uses 16 cent stamps and 7 cent stamps, he will use 5 16 cent stamps and 7 7 cent stamps.

What is an album?

1. a book where pictures stamps and stickers are put in2. a CD that has not only one song but many

What is the silver 1972 dollar worth?

For 1971 & 1972 only proof versions of this coin were struck in 40% silver and have values of about $6.00.

How do you tell what 1st class stamps are worth when it doesn't say on the stamp with no cents?

The best way is to consult the USPS web site. They list all of the stamps issued without a value. These stamps can still be used for postage at that value, so other stamps have to be added. They can only be used for US addresses.