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They pooped the money out

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Q: What is a 1902 Athens Olympics volunteers medal value?
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What is the value of a 1912 Olympic gold medal?

As of February 10, 2014, the value of a 1912 Olympic Gold Medal (which was solid gold and the last time the Olympics distributed solid gold medals) is $984.24... The Gold Medal from the 1912 Olympics held in Stockholm, Sweden weighed in at approximately 24 grams of pure gold. At Auction of course it would be much more valuable because of the historical and sentimental value along with the precious metal.

How much money will the US olympic medal winners receive?

They receive no money from the Olympics. However a win will certainly lead to some sort of endorsement deal with advertisers. The only consideration they receive is the medal. If you consider the value of the gold medal as "payment", it is worth something, but not much. The gold medal is not solid gold. The value of a gold medal, made according to Olympic Charter specifications, which contains 6 grams of gold with the rest being silver is about 500 to 600 US dollars depending on the market prices of gold and silver.

What value have a ww1 war medal and a victory medal got.?

My name is Harold Stilley and I have a 1928 world war copper medal. I would like to know the value of this medal.

What is the value of British war medal?

Sometimes war medals can be worth a lot of money. The value of a British war medal depends on the specific kind of medal.

What is the value of a Olympic Bronze medal?

The value of a 1212 bronze medal is $ 4 75 or 3 UK pounds

What is value of a 1919 Victory Medal?

The value of a 1919 Victory medal will vary. It depends upon the overall condition of the medal. However, in general, one will be worth around $100.00.

What three things did Athens value?


What is the value of the Olympics?

the value of the olympics was to honner the Ancient gods of greece so they held it every four yers for the gods.

What is the value of World War 1 great medal for civilization medal?


Value of an olympic gold medal?

Probably not that much, because the medal is made out to the swimmer.

Are the medals of the 2012 Olympics being taxed?

Yes every medal is taxed about 35% of its value. Say i win three bronze medals(the reward is 10000 if im not mistaken) i wud owe the irs over 10000the dollars

What is the value of a solid bronze moon medal 1969?

$60.00 value

How much is a gold Olympic medal worth?

An Olympic gold medal is worth about $500-$600 dollars each and depends on the price of gold at the time. Each gold medal has 525 grams of silver and about 6 grams of gold. The gold medals for Sochi 2014 Olympics are worth approximately $566.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gold Olympic medals are not made of solid gold, they are plated. Their value would be as medals from a particular games/athlete, ie a collectors value. This would therefore vary for each particular medal depending on its provenance.

How much is a Nazi war merit medal worth 1939?

A 1939 war merit medal has a value of around 20 to 30 Dollars us. The award document that accompanies such an award has a greater value. The Value of the medal may go higher if the medal is court mounted ...est 40 to 50 Dollars US. The general condition also plays a role.

How much is a WW1 English Peace Medal worth?

A WWI English peace medal can be worth forty dollars or more. The specific value of the medal is determined by the current condition of the medal.

What a the value of the African star medal?

The Africa Star is a campaign decoration, (technically NOT a medal) and not worth much.

What would the resale value of a special Olympic medal be?

A good questions to add to this question would be..."Why on earth would you want to sell a special Olympic medal?" Is there no sentimental value?

How much dya get paid for competing in the Olympics?

Olympic Athletes are not paid for their service. They represent their country in the games for no more monetary reward than the value of the medal. Athlete's that succeed in the Olympics then come home to generous paparazzi. They are paid for public appearances, parades, sponsorships, speech's, and much more. Sponsorships account for the vast majority of the money an Olympian makes.

Does the circulation of a coin drop its value Eg 50p coins from 2012 olympics?

The circulation of a coin does not drop its value eg. 50p coins from 2012 Olympics.

What is the value of a 1975 world championship medallion or medal?

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What is the value and history of a 1927 Volvo Medal?


Value of 1912 olympic gold medal?


Cash value olympic gold medal?


What is the value of a Spirit of 76 medal?

$10 - $15

What is the Value of 1973 commemorative st Patrick's day medal?

It has .81 troy ounces of silver in it or 25.3 grams. So take today's silver price and multiply by .81. That will give you the metals value of this Medal.