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Q: What is Zidane's kit number?
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What was zidanes squad number for real Madrid?

number 5

What is zinedine zidanes ambitions?


What is zidanes name?

Zinedine Zidane

What is zinedine zidanes country of orgin?


What is the name of Zinedine zidanes sister?

mr bean

When is Zidanes birthday?

5th October, he in now 30

What was zinedine zidanes favorite food?


Who is zinadine zidanes favourite soccer player?

maybe it is Ronoldhino or Michael Platini.

What is the Ashley Cole's kit number?

He is Kit number 3

What is Pepe's kit number?

Pepe's kit number is currently number 3 for Real Madrid.

What is frank ribery's kit number?

Frank Ribery's kit number is 7.

What is the kit number of sachin tendulker and ms. dhoni?

The kit number of the sachin is 10