What is Zamalek FC?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Zamalek is the Second behind Al-Ahly. Zamalek has won Egyptian League: 11 times, Egyptian Cup 21 times and Egyptian Super Cup: 2 times

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Zamalek is a sporting club and not a football club, and it consists of many sports, it is from the best teams and clubs in Egypt and Africa.

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Q: What is Zamalek FC?
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When was Zamalek - basketball club - created?

Zamalek - basketball club - was created in 1911.

When was Zamalek SC created?

Zamalek SC was created on 1911-01-05.

What is a Zamalek?

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Where is zamalek?


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Who is the sister for Saint Joseph School Zamalek-Cairo now?

sister Sameha Ghaleb

Who is the best al-ahly or al-zamalek?

ahly because abu trika and gedo

Who is best al ahly or al zamalek?

ahly because abu trika and gedo

Soccer is a very popular sport in egyptname one of the two famous soccer clubs?

Al Ahly and Al Zamalek

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