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counting the playoffs and the World Series they won 125 games in 1998. also the most in all of Baseball That was the 1998 season when the Yankees won 114 regular season games (114-48). When adding the 11 playoff victories, the Yankees won 125 games in the 1998 season.

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Q: What is Yankee franchise single season win record?
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Who holds the Nationals-Expos franchise record for doubles in a single season?

the army

Which Eagles receiver set the franchise record with 88 receptions in a single season?

Irving Fryar

Which Yankee holds the record for most rbi's in a single season in the American league?

That is Lou Gehrig with 184 RBIs in the 1931 season.

Who holds the franchise single-season record for assists in the flames?

That would be Kent Nilsson with 82 in the 1981-82 season. Nilsson also set the Flames single season record for points with 131 in 1981-82.

How many games have the Yankees won in a single season?

The Yankees went 114-48 in 1998 which is a franchise record

Who holds the Pirates franchise record for most home runs in a single season?

As of the 2008 season, that is Ralph Kiner who hit 54 HRs in 1949.

Who holds the Yankees franchise record for most triples hit in a single season?

earle combs hit 23 in 1927

Which New York Yankees baseball player holds the team record for most home runs as a New York Yankee?

The single season record is 61 by Roger Maris. The all time record as a Yankee is held by Babe Ruth with 659.

What nfl record does kyries hebert hold?

Ky was a Cincinnati Bengal's captain and holds the franchise record for most Special Teams tackles in a single season.

Who has the most wins for a Pittsburgh pirate in a single season?

The Pirates franchise record for most wins by a pitcher in a season is held by Frank Killen who won 34 games in 1893.

Which ny Yankee has over 180 rbi?

Lou Gehrig holds the New York Yankees team record for RBIs in a single season with 184 in 1931.

Who holds the Mariners franchise record for most home runs in a single season?

As of the start of the 2008 season, that would be Ken Griffey Jr. who hit 56 home runs in 1997 and 1998.