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As of the start of the 2007 season, Yale's all time won-loss record is 839-327-55.

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Q: What is Yale's all time win-loss record in college football?
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What are some five letter words with 3rd letter L and 5th letter S?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 298 words with the pattern --L-S. That is, five letter words with 3rd letter L and 5th letter S. In alphabetical order, they are: ables aglus allis amlas anlas arles atlas aulas aulos axles balas balds bales balks balls balms balus bells belts biles bilks bills bolas bolds boles bolls bolos bolts bolus bulbs bulks bulls calfs calks calls calms calos calps cells celts cills colas colds coles colls colts culls culms cults dales dalis dalts deles delfs delis dells delos delts dills doles dolls dolos dolts dules dulls eales eilds falls fells felts files fills films filos folds folks fulls fyles galas gales galls gelds gelts gilas gilds gills gilts golds goles golfs golps gulas gules gulfs gulls gulps hales halfs halls halms halos halts heles hells helms helos helps hills hilts hilus holds holes holks holms holts hulas hules hulks hulls hylas hyles idles iglus isles jells jills jilts joles jolls jolts kales kalis kells kelps kelts kills kilns kilos kilps kilts kolas kolos kulas kyles lalls lills lilos lilts lolls lulls lulus malas males malis malls malms malts melas melds mells melts milds miles milks mills milos milts molas molds moles molls molts mules mulls nalas nelis nills noles nolls nolos nulls ogles ollas orles oulks palas pales palls palms palps pelas peles pelfs pells pelts piles pilis pills pilus poles polis polks polls polos polts polys pulas pules pulis pulks pulls pulps pulus rales riles rills roles rolfs rolls rules sales salps salts seles selfs sells silds siles silks sills silos silts solas solds soles solos solus sulks sulus sylis talas talcs tales talks talls talus teles tells telos tiles tills tilts tolas toles tolls tolts tolus tules vales valis velds veles vells vills voles volks volts vulns walds wales walis walks walls welds welks wells welts wilds wiles wilis wills wilts wolds wolfs wulls wyles yales yelks yells yelms yelps yelts yills yolks yules zilas zills zulus

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According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 700 words with the pattern ---ES. That is, five letter words with 4th letter E and 5th letter S. In alphabetical order, they are: abbes abies ables abyes aches acmes acnes acres adzes aedes agues aides akees almes aloes amies antes apres apses arles arses ashes asses aunes aures axles ayres babes bakes bales banes bares bases bates bayes bedes benes beres beses betes bezes bices bides bikes biles bines bises bites bizes blaes blees blues bodes bokes boles bones bores bowes boxes braes brees bries bukes buses butes bydes bykes byres bytes cades cafes cages cakes cames canes capes cares cases cates caves cedes cepes ceres cetes cides cines cires cites cives claes clies clues codes cokes coles comes cones copes cores coses cotes coves coxes cozes crees cries crues cubes cukes cures cutes cymes cytes daces dales dames dares dates dazes debes dekes deles demes denes deres dexes dices dikes dimes dines dites dives doges doles domes dopes doses dotes doves dozes drees dries duces dudes dukes dules dunes dupes dures duxes dykes dynes eales eases eaves eches edges elves epees ernes erses esnes esses exies eyres faces fades fakes fames fanes fares fates faves faxes fazes feces femes feres fetes fezes fices fifes fikes files fines fires fives fixes flees flies floes flues fomes fores foxes frees fries froes fumes fuses fuzes fyces fykes fyles gades gages gales games gapes gases gates gazes genes geres ghees gibes gites gives glees glues goles gores goxes grees grues gudes gules gybes gyres gytes gyves hades hajes hakes hales hames hares hates haves hazes hebes heles hemes heres hetes hexes hides hikes hires hives hokes holes homes hones hopes hoses hoves howes hoxes hules hykes hyles hypes iches idees idles ishes isles ivies jades jakes james janes japes jefes jetes jibes jives jobes jokes joles jones jubes jukes jupes jutes juves kades kaies kales kames kanes kexes kibes kikes kines kipes kites knees kores koses kyles kypes kytes laces lades lakes lames lanes lares lases laves laxes lazes leges lemes lenes leres leses lexes lezes lifes likes limes lines lites lives lobes lodes loges lokes lomes lopes lores loses lotes loves lowes loxes lubes luces ludes luges lunes lures lutes luxes lymes lynes lyres lyses lytes mabes maces mages makes males manes mares mases mates maxes mazes memes menes meres meses metes meves mezes mikes miles mimes mines mires mises mites mixes mobes modes mokes moles momes mopes mores moses motes moues moves mozes mules mures muses mutes muxes mzees nabes names napes nares nates naves nazes nenes netes neves nides nifes nines nites nixes nodes noles nomes nones noses notes noxes noyes nudes nukes oases oaves oboes oches ogees ogles ogres olpes onces ooses oozes orfes orles owres paces pages pales panes papes pares pases pates paves paxes pedes pekes peles penes peres pikes piles pines pipes pises pixes pizes plies plues pokes poles pomes pones popes pores poses potes poxes prees pries pubes puces pukes pules pures puses pynes pyres pyxes races rages rajes rakes rales rapes rares rases rates raves raxes razes redes reges rekes reses retes rexes rhies ribes rices rides riles rimes rines ripes rises rites rives robes rodes rokes roles rones ropes rores roses rotes roues roves rubes rudes rules rumes runes ruses rykes sabes sades safes sages sakes sales sames sanes sates saves saxes sazes scyes sedes seles semes seres sexes shies shoes sices sides sikes siles sines sipes sires sises sites sixes sizes skees skies slaes sloes slues smees snees snies snyes sokes soles sones sores spaes spies spues sties styes supes sures suses swees swies syces sykes synes sypes tabes taces tajes takes tales tames tapes tares tates taxes teles temes tenes teres tetes texes thees tices tides tiges tikes tiles times tines tires toges tokes toles tomes tones topes tores toses totes tozes trees tries trues tubes tules tunes tuxes twaes tyees tykes tynes types tyres unces urges vades vales vanes vares vases veges veles vexes vibes vices vines vires vises vives vlies voces voles votes wades wages wakes wales wames wanes wares wases waves wawes waxes wexes wides wifes wiles wines wipes wires wises wites wives wizes wries wuses wyles wytes yales yates yedes yeses yeves yexes yikes yipes yites ylkes ympes yokes yores yowes yukes yules zaxes zexes zezes zines zones zymes

What are some five letter words with 4th letter E?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 2257 words with the pattern ---E-. That is, five letter words with 4th letter E. In alphabetical order, they are: aahed abbed abbes abbey abcee abies abled abler ables ablet absey abyes ached aches ackee acker acmes acned acnes acred acres acted added adder adeem adieu admen adred advew adzed adzes aedes after agger aglee aglet agley agree agued agues aided aider aides ailed aimed aimer ainee aired airer aiver akees albee aldea alder alien allee allel alley almeh almes aloed aloes alter amber ameer amies amped angel anger anker annex anted antes apeek apnea appel apres apses apted apter arced ardeb ariel arked arled arles armed armer armet arpen arret arsed arses arsey artel ashed ashen ashes ashet asked asker askew aspen asper asses asset assez aster auger aunes aurei aures aweel awned awner axled axles axmen ayres baaed babel babes bagel baked baken baker bakes baled baler bales baned banes bared barer bares based baser bases bated bates bayed bayes bedel bedes bedew begem beget belee benes benet beres beret besee beses beset beted betel betes bevel bever bewet bezel bezes bicep bices bided bider bides bidet biked biker bikes biled biles biner bines biped bises biter bites bizes blaer blaes bleed bleep blees blued bluer blues bluet bluey boded bodes bogey bohea boked bokes boles boned boner bones boney booed bored boree borel borer bores botel bowed bowel bower bowes bowet boxed boxen boxer boxes boyed braes breed breem breer brees brief brier bries bukes buret bused buses buteo butes buyer byded bydes byked bykes byres bytes caaed caber cadee cades cadet cafes caged cager cages cagey caked cakes cakey camel cameo cames caned caneh caner canes caped caper capes cared carer cares caret carex cased cases cater cates caved cavel caver caves cawed ceded ceder cedes celeb cepes cered ceres cetes cheek cheep cheer chief chiel cided cider cides cimex cines cires cited citer cites cives civet claes cleek cleep clied clies clued clues codec coded coden coder codes codex coked cokes coled coles coley comer comes comet coned cones coney cooed cooee cooer cooey coped copen coper copes cored corer cores corey cosec cosed coses coset cosey coted cotes coved coven cover coves covet covey cowed cower coxed coxes coyed coyer cozed cozen cozes cozey creed creek creel creep crees cried crier cries cruel crues cruet cubeb cubed cuber cubes cukes culet culex cumec cunei cupel cured curer cures curet cusec cuter cutes cutey cuvee cyber cyder cymes cytes daces daker daled dales dames dared darer dares dated dater dates daven dawed dawen dazed dazer dazes debel debes defer deked dekes deled deles demes denes denet dered deres desex deter devel dewed dexes diced dicer dices dicey diked diker dikes dikey dimer dimes dined diner dines direr dited dites dived diver dives dizen doges dogey doled doles domed domes donee doner doped doper dopes dopey doree dosed doseh doser doses doted doter dotes doved doven dover doves dowed dowel dower doyen dozed dozen dozer dozes dreed drees dried drier dries dryer duces duded dudes duked dukes dules dunes duped duper dupes dured dures duvet duxes dweeb dyked dykes dykey dynel dynes eager eales eaned eared eased easel easer eases eaten eater eaved eaves ebbed ebbet eched eches edged edger edges eeven effed egged egger egret eider eiked eisel elder elfed elmen elpee elver elves embed ember emcee emeer emmer emmet emmew ended ender endew enmew ensew enter epees erned ernes erred erses erven esker esnes esses ester ether etwee euked ewked excel exeem exies expel eyres faced facer faces facet faded fader fades faked faker fakes fakey famed fames fanes fared farer fares fated fates favel faver faves faxed faxes fayed fayer fazed fazes feces fedex femes ferer feres feted fetes feued fever fewer feyed feyer fezes fiber fices fifed fifer fifes fiked fikes filed filer files filet fined finer fines fired firer fires fiver fives fixed fixer fixes fleer flees fleet flied flier flies floes flued flues fluey flyer fogey foley fomes forel fores forex fouer fouet fovea foxed foxes foyer freed freer frees freet fried frier fries froes fryer fumed fumer fumes fumet fused fusee fusel fuses fuzed fuzee fuzes fyces fyked fykes fyles gades gaged gager gages galea gales gamed gamer games gamey ganef ganev gaped gaper gapes gases gated gater gates gavel gayer gazed gazer gazes gelee gemel genes genet geres geyer ghees gibed gibel giber gibes gilet gimel gites gived given giver gives gleed gleek glees gleet glued gluer glues gluey godet gofer goier golem goles gomer gonef goner gooey gored gores goxes greed greek green grees greet grief grued gruel grues gudes gules guyed gybed gybes gyred gyres gytes gyved gyves hacek haded hades hajes hakea hakes haled haler hales hamed hames hared harem hares hated hater hates haven haver haves hawed hayed hayer hayey hazed hazel hazer hazes heben hebes heder heled heles hemes heres hetes hevea hewed hewer hexed hexer hexes heyed hided hider hides hiked hiker hikes hired hiree hirer hires hived hiver hives hizen hoaed hogen hohed hoked hokes hokey holed holes holey homed homer homes homey honed honer hones honey hooey hoped hoper hopes hosed hosel hosen hoser hoses hosey hotel hoten hovea hoved hovel hoven hover hoves howes hoxed hoxes hoyed huger hules hykes hyleg hyles hymen hyped hyper hypes iched iches icier icker idees idled idler idles igged iller imbed immew imped impel indew index infer inked inker inlet inned inner inset intel inter irked ishes isled isles islet issei ither ivied ivies jaded jades jager jakes jakey james janes japed japer japes jasey javel jawed jebel jefes jetes jewed jewel jibed jiber jibes jived jiver jives jivey jobed jobes jodel joked joker jokes jokey joled joles jones jowed joyed jubes juked jukes julep jupes jurel jutes juves kades kaies kales kames kaneh kanes kawed kelep kerel kevel kexes keyed kibei kibes kidel kikes kiley kines kipes kited kiter kites klieg kneed kneel knees koker kopek kores koses kreep kugel kyles kypes kytes label laced lacer laces lacet lacey laded laden lader lades lager laked laker lakes lamed lamer lames lanes lapel laree lares lased laser lases lated laten later latex laved laver laves lawed lawer laxer laxes layed layer lazed lazes leben leger leges lemed lemel lemes lenes leper lered leres leses levee level lever lexes lezes libel liber lifer lifes liger liked liken liker likes limed limen limes limey lined linen liner lines liney lited liter lites lived liven liver lives lobed lobes loden lodes loges lokes lomed lomes loner looed looey loped loper lopes lorel lores losed losel losen loser loses lotes loued loved lover loves lovey lowed lower lowes loxed loxes lozen lubed lubes luces ludes luged luger luges lumen lunes lunet lured lurer lures lurex luser lutea luted luter lutes luxes lycea lycee lymes lynes lyres lysed lyses lyted lytes maaed mabes maced macer maces mages maker makes males mamee mamey maned maneh manes manet mares mased maser mases mated mater mates matey maven mawed maxed maxes mayed mazed mazer mazes mazey melee memes mened menes mered merel merer meres mesel meses meted meter metes meved meves mewed mezes miked mikes miler miles mimed mimeo mimer mimes mined miner mines mired mires mirex miser mises miter mites mixed mixen mixer mixes mizen mobes model modem moder modes mohel mokes moles momes moner money mooed moped moper mopes mopey morel mores mosed moses mosey moted motel moten motes motet motey moues moved mover moves mowed mower mozed mozes mpret muled mules muley mured mures murex mused muser muses muset muted muter mutes muxed muxes mzees nabes naked naker naled named namer names naped napes nares nates navel naves navew nazes nebek nebel nenes neper netes nevel never neves newed newel newer ngwee nicer nided nides nifes niger nines nisei niter nites nixed nixer nixes nodes noles nomen nomes nones nonet nosed noser noses nosey noted noter notes novel nowed noxes noyed noyes nuder nudes nuked nukes numen oaked oaken oaker oared oases oaten oater oaves obied objet oboes ocher oches ocker ocrea octet odder offed offer often ofter ogees ogled ogler ogles ogres oiled oiler olden older oller olpes omber oncer onces oncet onned onset oohed ooped ooses oozed oozes opted opter orbed order orfes oriel orles ormer osier other otter ouped ousel outed outer ouzel owled owler owlet owned owner owres owsen oxter paced pacer paces pacey paged pager pages palea paled paler pales palet paned panel panes paper papes pared pareo parer pares pareu parev paseo pases pated paten pater pates paved paven paver paves pawed pawer paxes payed payee payer pedes pekes peles pened penes perea peres peter pewee pheer piked piker pikes pikey pilea piled pilei piler piles pined pines piney piped piper pipes pipet pises pixel pixes pized pizes plied plier plies plues plyer podex pogey poked poker pokes pokey poled poler poles poley pomes pones poney pooed popes pored porer pores posed poser poses posey poted potes power poxed poxes preed preen prees pried prief prier pries proem pryer pubes pucer puces puked puker pukes puled puler pules pured puree purer pures puses puzel pyned pynes pyres pyrex pyxed pyxes queen queer quiet raced racer races raged ragee rager rages rahed rajes raked rakee raker rakes rales ramee ramen ramet ranee raped raper rapes rared raree rarer rares rased raser rases rated ratel rater rates raved ravel raven raver raves rawer raxed raxes rayed razed razee razer razes rebec rebel reded redes refed refel refer reges rehem reked rekes rekey relet remen remet remex renew reney repeg repel resee reses reset resew retem retes revel revet rewed rewet rexes rhies ribes riced ricer rices ricey rider rides rifer riled riles riley rimed rimer rimes rines riped ripen riper ripes risen riser rises rites rived rivel riven river rives rivet robed robes roded rodeo rodes roger roked roker rokes roles romeo roneo rones roped roper ropes ropey rores rosed roses roset roted rotes rouen roues roved roven rover roves rowed rowel rowen rower rozet rubel rubes ruder rudes ruled ruler rules rumen rumes runed runes rupee ruses ryked rykes ryper sabed saber sabes sades safed safer safes sager sages saheb saker sakes salep sales salet samek samel samen sames samey saned saner sanes sared saree saser sated satem sates saved saver saves savey sawed sawer saxes sayed sayer sazes scree screw scyes seder sedes sefer seles semee semen semes sered serer seres sesey seven sever sewed sewel sewen sewer sexed sexer sexes seyen sheel sheen sheep sheer sheet shied shiel shier shies shlep shmek shoed shoer shoes shred shrew shyer sices sided sider sides siker sikes siled silen siler siles silex sined sines sinew siped sipes sired siree siren sires sises sited sites siver sixer sixes sized sizel sizer sizes skeed skeef skeen skeer skees skeet skied skier skies skiey skyed skyer skyey slaes sleek sleep sleer sleet slier sloes slued slues slyer smeek smees sneed sneer snees snies snoek snoep snyes sober soger soken sokes soled solei soler soles sones sooey sored soree sorel sorer sores sorex sowed sower spaed spaer spaes speed speel speer spied spiel spier spies spred spree sprew spued spuer spues squeg steed steek steel steem steen steep steer stied sties stoep strep strew styed styes suber sujee super supes sured surer sures suses sweed sweel sweep sweer swees sweet swies sycee syces syker sykes syned synes syped sypes syren syver taber tabes taces tacet tajes taken taker takes talea taler tales tamed tamer tames taped tapen taper tapes tapet tared tares taser tater tates taver tawed tawer taxed taxer taxes teaed teles telex temed temes tenes tenet tepee terek teres tetes tewed tewel texes theed theek thees thief three threw ticed tices tided tides tiger tiges tikes tiled tiler tiles timed timer times tinea tined tines tired tires titer toged toges toked token toker tokes toled toles tomes toned toner tones toney toped topee topek toper topes tores tosed toses toted totem toter totes towed towel tower toyed toyer tozed tozes treed treen trees 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