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Q: What is Wayne Gretzkys favorite things?
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Related questions

What is Wayne gretzkys favorite colors?

who was wayne gretzkies wife

What is Wayne Gretzkys favorite team?


What is Wayne Gretzkys favorite sport?

hockey and golf

What is Wayne Gretzkys nickname?

The Great One.

What is Wayne Gretzkys middle name?


What did Wayne Gretzkys mom do for a living?


Who was Wayne Gretzkys idol?

michael jordan

What is Wayne Gretzkys parents names?

Phyllis and Walter

Who were Wayne Gretzkys influences?

Gordie Howe His Dad

What colour was Wayne Gretzkys hockey stick?


What is Wayne Gretzkys face off percent?


How was Wayne Gretzkys life as a child?

Wayne Gretzky is a really good person

When is Wayne gretzkys birthday?

Wayne Gretzky was born on January 26, 1961.

Who was Wayne Gretzkys favourite hockey athlete?

Gordie Howe

Wayne Gretzkys personal interests?

i think maybe hockey

What was Wayne Gretzkys child hood like?

A lot of hockey

The names of Wayne Gretzkys kids?

Answer: Paulina, Ty, & Trevor Gretzky.

Did Wayne Gretzkys kid's play hockey?

no he never even marriage

How much is Wayne Gretzkys autograph worth?

it depends on what its on but an estimate is 50-1,000,000

Is Wayne Gretzkys mom alive?

No, sorry to say she passed away in 2008

What was Wayne Gretzkys original jersey number?

his original number was 9, after Gordie Howe.

What is Wayne Gretzkys moms name?

Phyllis Gretzky, but sadly she passed away from cancer.

What is the value of a ticket stub from Wayne Gretzkys last game?

What is the value of a ticket stub from Wayne Gretzky's last game? Unused

What brothers have had the most points combined in the NHL?

The Gretzkys. Wayne: 2,857 points; Brent: 4 points.

Who is Wayne Gretzkys mom and dad?

his mom died of lung cancer but i have no idea of what happen to his dad so pray for Wayne since his mom is dead. amen

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What is Wayne Gretzky's favourite things?

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