What is Washington's College's mascot?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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the shoremen and shorewomen

found: on wikipedia page

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Q: What is Washington's College's mascot?
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What is cerritos colleges's mascot?

there mascot is a falcon

What colleges have Greyhounds as a mascot?

Loyola University

What is antelope valley colleges mascot?

obvously an antelope

What college has a husky for a mascot?

webster high

How many colleges have a demon or devil as a mascot?

the answer corrolates with the "soul" of the institution

Witch greek mascot belongs to 15 different colleges and univerities?


Where can one view images of college mascot costumes online?

One can view images of college mascot costumes online by going to the colleges website. The website will have images of the mascot as well as information about it.

How many colleges have the Jay hawk as a mascot?

The University of Kansas uses the jayhawk as their mascot. The history of Kansas and the jayhawk went as far back as 1912 and the mascot is still believed to bring good luck.

What is the university of oxford mascot?

I'm guessing the asker is from the US.Oxford University doesn't really have a mascot, because it's not like "Universities" in the United States, which were mostly started as one single organization from the outset. There may be multiple colleges within the University, but it's a very top-down arrangement.Oxford, in contrast, started as a number of independent colleges within the town of Oxford, which only later merged to form the University.As such, there's no single unified mascot of "Oxford", though each college (or even each team) may have its own mascot.

Which college has a patriot as their mascot?

Several colleges use a patriot as their mascot. Some of them include Francis Marion University, Dallas Baptist University, and Coral Ridge Baptist University.

What is heald colleges mascot?

I want to know what is the mascot of healdcollege?Think about this question for just a moment. Heald would not have a mascot because they are a "get in get out" school. They are not a college that has any kind of sports activities. Instead they focus all their time on pure academics. So of course you wouldn't find a mascot because there is none.

What is Union middle school's mascot?

There are 79 four years colleges with the eagle as their mascot.