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Walter Payton was an American football player who played with the Chicago Bears during his entire career with NFL. A prolific running back, he is known around the NFL as "Sweetness".

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Q: What is Walter Paytons nickname?
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What was Walter Paytons nickname?


Walter Paytons nickname?


What was Walter Paytons nick name?


What was Walter Paytons hometown?

Columbia, Mississippi.

What is Walter Paytons mickname?

They called him "Sweetness."

What is Walter Payton's wife's name?

Walter Paytons Wifes name is Connie

What is Walter Paytons sister's name?

Pam Payton

What is Walter Paytons wife name?

System of a down

Stats in Walter Payton's high school years?

walter paytons highschool stats

What is Walter Paytons middle name?

His middle name was Jerry.

Where did Walter Paytons kids go to school?

St Viator High School

Where is Walter Paytons home town?

Walter Payton was born in Columbia, Mississippi and graduated from Jefferson High School in Columbia.

When did the Chicago Bears retire Walter Paytons number?

In 1987 the last year he played for the Bears

Nickname of Walter Payton?

Walter Payton's nickname is Sweetness.

What was the nickname of Walter payton?

Walter Payton's Nickname Was Sweetness.

Walter Payton's Nickname?

Walter Payton's nickname is sweetness nice nickname huh i love it.

What was Walter Paytons 40 yard dash time?

4.40, but at Jackson state he ran an unofficial 4.21

What is Walter Payton's nickname?

His nickname is 'sweetness'.

What was Walter Payton nickname?

he or her nickname is SWEETNESS

What year was Walter Paytons jersey retired?

How many greatest evers have not had their jersey's retired? Of course No. 34 is retired! It was retired in the 1988 season, right after Walter himself retired.

What was Walter Payton's nickname?

AnswerWalter Payton's nickname was SweetDik

Walter payton nickname?

Walter Payton nickname is "Sweetness"

What is Walter Samuel's nickname?

The Wall

What are some of Walter Paytons speaches?

"before i came up here me and my son had a bet over who would cry first and right now i don't care if i lose that bet"

What is a nickname for Walter?

wal that is the awnsers dud !! peace out!! :)