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Q: What is WWE diva maryse ouellet phone number?
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What is WWE's diva Maryse's name?

Maryse Ouellet

Where was WWE Diva Maryse born?

Maryse Ouellet simply known as ' Maryse ' was born January 21, 1983 (1983-01-21)in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

How many match has John cena had?

I dont know coming from Maryse Ouellet sexiest wwe diva

What is WWE diva Maryse's official fan phone number?

Private information is not given out

Is maryse from WWE married?

Yes she is. Miz is married to his longtime girlfriend and former WWE Diva Maryse Ouellet on February 20, 2014, in a private ceremony at the One and Only Ocean Club in the Bahamas

Isn't maryse ouellet hot?

yes maryse is better than Michelle McCool Way better Mickie James and Maria Kanellis are by far my fave divas but the hottest diva is Maryse, I mean just look at her. Oops I am starring again.

Is diva maryse a virgin?


What college did maryse ouellet attend?

She didn't go to college. She went to Ohio Vallery Wrestling and then to Florida Wrestling. Those two places were basically her colleges. Then she went on to become a WWE diva in 2006.

Who is WWE diva's Champion?


Is WWE diva maryse pregnant?


Who is maryse outllet?

a wwe diva

Who has the diva chaminship belt?