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Q: What is WWE diva Melina Perez cell number?
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Who are Melina Perez's diva friends?

only Melina Perez knows who her friends are

What nicknames does Melina Perez go by?

Melina Perez goes by The A-Lister, The Red Carpet Diva, The Paparazzi Princess, and The A-List Diva.

Who is Melina Perez dating?

WWE Diva Melina Perez is dating John Morrison aka John Hennigan in real life.

What is WWE diva Melina Perez finisher called?

The Extreme Makeover

Who is john Morrisons girlfriend?

he is dating Melina Perez, who is a WWE diva

When is diva Melina Perez returning to WWE?

Summer slam 2012

What is melina full name?

WWE Diva Melina's full name is Melina Nava Perez

What is WWE diva Melina cell number?

WikiAnswers doesn't give out personal information.

What are Melina Perez measurements?

Melina Perez is a professional wrestler, actress and model best known for her role as a WWE Diva from 2004 to 2011. Her measurements are 34-25-34.

Who is john Morrison's girlfriend?

john Morrison is in a relationship with wwe diva Melina Perez

Is WWE john moorison dating anyone?

Yes he is currently dating Melina Perez On screen she is the Diva champion: Melina

What is WWE's diva Melina cell number?

Wikianswers doesn't give out personal information.

Whats WWE diva Melina's number?

melina number can not be given out it is to much personnal info sorry

Which Facebook account of Melina nava Perez is real? That is wwe diva melina's real facebook account! I hoped that helped?!

Who is Melina Perez?

Melina Perez is a female wrestler for the wwe. She can be seen every monday at 6:00 pm 9:00 et. Some of her nicknames are the A list diva, the Golden girl, and the dominate diva! Some of her are aquaintinsis are Joey Mecury, Johny Nitro, Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall, and her boyfriend is Daniel Knudtson. She is currently a face diva. She was a diva search winner and also a 3 time womens champion and helped MNM to the tag team title. 1 time divas champion

What is Melina the diva phone number?

WikiAnswers doesn't give out personal information.

Is Melina a WWE Superstar?

No, Melina is a WWE Diva.

Is WWE diva Melina Mexican?

Melina is American.

How old is Melina WWE diva?

Melina is 31 so far

Who is your fave WWE diva?

My favourite diva has to be Melina! I love the splits!

Does Melina the WWE diva have a husband?

Melina and John Morrison are dating. She is not married.

Is john Morrison married to a WWE diva?

No, he is not married to a WWE Diva. But he is dating WWE Diva, Melina.

Is wwe diva Melina married?


Who is Melina Morisath?

a wwe diva!

Who is the sexist WWE diva?