What is Victoria beckhams real weight?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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9 stone ( i think )

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Q: What is Victoria beckhams real weight?
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Are victoria beckhams breasts real?

No, obviosly not. She has implants.

What is Victoria beckhams middle name?

Victoria Beckhams middle name is....Caroline!

What actors and actresses appeared in The Real Beckhams - 2003?

The cast of The Real Beckhams - 2003 includes: Victoria Beckham as herself Romeo Beckham as himself David Beckham as himself Brooklyn Beckham as himself

Who will be cooking David and Victoria Beckhams Christmas dinner?

Victoria will bee cookingit herself but gordn ramsey and his missus are going too the beckhams but Victoria is still cooking

What is Victoria beckhams full name?

Victoria Beckhams full name is 'Vicotria Beckham' as she was a member of the spice girls. Married to Beckham with three sons.

What is Victoria beckham's maiden name?

Victoria Beckhams maiden name is Adams

Victoria beckhams birthday?

17th April 1974

What is the Victoria beckhams DOB?

April 17, 1974

Where does Victoria beckhams children go to school?

They go to Curtis School

What were the names of David and Victoria Beckhams children?

Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz

What is David Beckhams wifes name?

Victoria beckham AKA posh spice from the spice girls

What does David Beckhams sanskrit tattoo mean?

Its a misspelling of his wife's name: Victoria.