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Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Venezuela. Some of the more famous Venezuelan Professional Baseball League teams are Ã?guilas del Zulia and Leones del Caracas.

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Q: What is Venezuela famous sport team?
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What is Venezuela famous sport?

The major sports in Venezuela are baseball and football.

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What is Venezuela's National Sport?

Venezuela's national sports is baseball.

What sport is Brazil famous for?

Soccer, Brazil's football team.

Who is a famous artist in Venezuela?

A famous past artist of Venezuela is DAB who is me

How does Venezuela use sport to promote development?

they really arent for sure how Venezuela uses sport to promote development

What is the national sport in Venezuela?


What is the national sport of venezuela?


A favorite sport of Venezuela?


What are some popular sports in Venezuela?

baseball is the most prominent sport in Venezuela. But football is another sport that is played as well.

What is the most popular sport of Venezuela?


What is venezula's most popular sport?

Venezuela's most popular sport is baseball.

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What sport do people in Venezuela play?

Baseball and soccer

What is Venezuela's most popular sport?

dog fighting

What is Venezuela's favorite sport?

Baseball or Football (Soccer)

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Curling is a team sport.

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What sports does venezuela play?

The most popular sport is soccer

What is Venezuela's baseball team name?

The Venezuelan National Team

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What is the name of the most famous desert in Venezuela?

The Guajira Desert which Venezuela shares with Columbia.

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