What is U6 in soccer?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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It means "under 6", or 6 years old or younger.

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Q: What is U6 in soccer?
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What are the different levels in US soccer?

U6 , U8 , U10 , U12, U20

How many small size soccer fields can fit in a large size field?

This would depend on the measurements of the small sized soccer fields. For the U9 to U12 age groups, you can usually fit two. For U7 and U8, you can fit four. For U6, you can fit as many as eight.

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How much soccer players are on a child's team?

Depends on the age and state. Usually U6-U10 are 6v6. anything younger then 6 could be from 4v4 to 6v6. U11-U12 are 8v8 and usually any older then that is 11v11. This is only the regulations for my state. Other states i don't know

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