What is Tyga's real name?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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his real name is......................MICHAEL STEVENSON☺☻

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Tyga's (rapper) real name is Micheal Nyguen. I think he is really handsome and i never knew his name before but his sexiness fits his name well. lmaoo.

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Michael Stevenson

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Q: What is Tyga's real name?
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What is tyga's AIM?

TYFLYYGUY was his old aim her got a new one called itzymtyga.

What is tygas screename?

i have no idea if he does or if he does not

What is tygas favorite coler?


What was tygas favorite sports?


What is tygas sisters names?


What is tygas first car?

Lamborghini gallorado

What is tygas favorite basketball team?

the La n1ggers becase hes balck

Who are tygas perents?

Not much is known about Tygas parents, because they're not famous or anything they're just regular people. I do know that Tyga is half Vietnamese & half African American though...that's all I know on his parents..........

What is Tygas birthday?

Tyga was born on November 19, 1989.

Who was the lady in tyga's im gone video?

Who was the leading lady in tygas im gone video

What was tygas first song?

His first song was coconut juice ft his cousin travie mccoy

What kind of oil honda spree?

Use tygas special blend of hiphy juice an mollys