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Q: What is Ty cobbs great grandchildren names?
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What are the names of Ty Cobb's grandchildren or great grandchildren?

Children: Tyrus, Jr., Shirley Marion, Herschel, Howell, Beverly

What was ty cobbs eye vision?


What was ty cobbs real name?

Ty Cobb's real name was Tyrus Raymond Cobb.

What team did Ty cobbs play for from 1905 to 1926?

the tigers

Who was ty cobbs wife?

charlie lombard and and Frances cass

What lead to ty cobbs success?

He tried harder and wanted it more.

Who holds the record for the most triples?

Ty Cobbs at 295 for most triples.

What year did Pete Rose break Ty Cobbs hits record?


How did Pete Rose become famous?

breaking ty cobbs all time hits record.

At what year was ty cobbs lst at-bat?

On August 30, 1905, in his first major league at-bat, Cobb doubled off the New York Highlanders's Jack Chesbro.

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