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because his favorite is a Chewing Gum............

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Q: What is Tony Romo chewing during football games?
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What equipment does Tony Romo use in his football games?


Is Tony Romo tall?

Pro Football Reference lists Tony Romo at 6'2" and 219 pounds.

Who is The best 2009 football player in the NFL?

tony romo

How tall is Tony Romo?

Pro Football Reference lists Tony Romo at 6'2" and 219 pounds.

Who in the nfl can throw a football to the other team the most?

Tony Romo

Who is the current quarterback on the dallas cowboys football team?

Tony Romo.

How long Tony Romo can throw in football yards.?

about 2000 yards a game

Who are some famous football players that are hispanic?

One name Tony romo

When was tony romo drafted?

In 2006, Romo substituted for the Cowboys' ineffective starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe during the second half of the Cowboys' Week 7 loss to the New York Giants at Texas Stadium. Romo became the full-time starter a week later and guided Dallas to a 35-14 victory over the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, N.C.

Matt Ryan or Tony Romo for week 2 fantasy football?

Definitely start Romo. He is going to take off this weekend! Even the experts say so.

Is the football player Tony Romo a Cuban?


What team is Tony Romo playing for in the 2010 2011 football season?

Dallas Cowboys