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Red velvet with cream cheese icing

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Q: What is Tom Brady's favorite cup cake?
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Is a giant cup cake still a cup cake?

yes don't be an idiot, a cup cake is just a cake in a cup.

Can you turn cup cakes into a cake?

the cup cake up and be a cake

What is a cake cup?

Do you mean cup cake because that's pretty much a mini cake and its kinda shaped like a cup.

How do you get tiki on moshi cup cake?

You get tiki vanilla flavored cup cake blue icing and a cherry on it (you can put the cherry any where on the cup cake).

What is the recipe for cake in a cup?

The link below has good basic instructions for making a cake in a cup.

Where can I find cup cake boxes?

You can buy cup cake boxes from online retailers at websites such as:,, and You can also buy cup cake boxes in store at Michael's and Walmart.

How do you get shelby on the cup cake game?

You get shelby on the cup cake game with green iceing and one slude fudge

How much cake flour do you need to substitute for 1 cup of regular flour?

You still use a cup of cake flour for 1 cup regular flour.

What word can go before cake cup pot room?

Tea! Because teacake, teacup, teapot, and tearoom.

What is stiff but not dry?

a cake or a cup cake or a bisket thst you just baked

How many colouries in a cup cake?

The average cake has 300 calories a serving.

What cakes do you decorate with fondant?

any cake that you wish to decorate, cup cake,regular cake, BD cake, weding cake, etc