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Todd Bertuzzi is number 44 on the Detroit Red Wings.

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Q: What is Todd Bertuzzi's number on the Detroit Red Wings?
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What position does Todd Bertuzzi play?

Todd Bertuzzi plays right wing for the Detroit Red Wings.

Who holds the all time record for penalty minutes on the Detroit Red Wings?

todd Bertuzzi

What NHL team does Todd Bertuzzi play for?

Robert Bortuzzo plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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What players wore number 19 for the Detroit Tigers?

Three of the greatest players in Detroit Lions history have worn the number 20 -- Hall-of-Fame cornerback/kick returner Lem Barney (1967-77), Pro Bowl halfback Billy Sims (1980-84) and Hall-of-Fame running back Barry Sanders (1989-98). The number has been retired by the franchise.

How many games did baseball player Todd Steverson play as designated hitter for the Detroit Tigers in 1995?

Todd Steverson played in just one game at designated hitter for the Detroit Tigers in 1995 and did not start. , equivalent to 0 errors per game (estimate based on total games played in).

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Todd Steverson debuted on April 28, 1995, playing for the Detroit Tigers at Tiger Stadium; he played his final game on April 3, 1996, playing for the at .