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the cats are by far the richest Rugby club in the world with a fanbase of over 15 million people. there lack of playing ability is leading to a huge loss of equity(money) but even still they remain super rich..... hope this gives you a fair idea

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The Auckland Blues ( New Zealand) amazing history of winning and producing many of the top 100 players of all time (including 3 of the top 10) including an amazing array of All Blacks, NPC, Ranfurly shield and of course super 14 titles. John Kirwan Gary Wheaton Zinzane Brooke Sean Fitzpatrick Michael Jones Jonah Lomu Grant Fox Robin Brooke Carlos Spencer need i say more....

Yes you moron! The richest club in the world is Toulon, a second division French side recently bought by a billionaire who this Summer, 2009 has hired the best players his money can buy including Johnny Wilkinson, Victor Matfield and Contepomi. They have won nothing but have money to burn.

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Bath Rugby are the richest club in England, but Toulouse are richer. The difference between the two teams level of money seams to decrease every year though......

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Real Madrid.

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Q: What is The top then richest rugby clubs in the world?
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