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the most popular sport was football and other sports activity's

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Q: What is The most popular hobby of the Victorians?
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What were the most popular Victorian hobbies?

The second most popular hobby of Victorians was being a 'gamekeeper'. It was a really fun pastime, I know because I've read Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H.Lawrence.

What is the most popular hobby in France?

I'm not certain which is the most popular hobby in France. Reading, arts and crafts, and sports are well known.

What is the most popular hobby in India?

some people only working for India,and most of the people in India are negligence and they r not thinking about India,this is most popular hobby for Indians

What is the most popular collection hobby?


What is Germany's most popular hobby?


What is the most popular hobby in Brazil?


Most popular hobbies in 1950?

the most popular hobby in the 1950s was.............learning your maths and writing.

What is the most popular hobby in Italy?

The most popular hobbie is soccer which is called football in Italy.

Where does genealogy rank as a hobby in the US?

Genealogy is said to be the most popular indoor hobby in the US.

What is the most popular hobby in the world?


What is the most popular hobby in Latvia?

Soccer aka football

What is the hobby of a neurologist?

Neurologists are free to pursue any hobby that they like, however, the most popular one appears to be golf.

What is the most popular hobby in th world?

The most basic of hobbies are the most popular. While statistics on the "most popular" hobbies are not readily available, two of the most popular hobbies worldwide are watching/playing soccer and reading.

Second popular hobbies in Singapore?

Doll collecting is the second most popular hobby in Singapore! Hope this helps!

What is America's most popular hobby?

i would say it's probably baseball

What were the most popular hobby's in 1970's?

Streaking(running around nude) and Cocaine.

What are the most popular paper crafts?

There are many different types of paper craft hobby activities that can be undertaken. The most popular of these according to Amazon are coloring books, origami and scrap booking.

What is the most common hobby?

I would say that the most popular sport for guys is Football, and the most common sport for girls is Cheerleading/Gymnastics/Dancing.

What are the big online hobby stores?

Hobby Town is a very large and popular online hobby store. Hobby Lobby also has an extensive selection.

Which hobby toys are most popular among children?

The most popular hobby toys among children are ones like Lincoln logs, legos, kinnects. These toys all have something in common... building and imagination. Children love to build whatever there imagination dreams about. These toys have been around for a long time.

What would the Victorians do on a day out?

They might visit the seaside. Seaside towns were extremely popular in Victorian times. The most popular were probably Southend-On-Sea, Brighton and Blackpool. They are just as popular today. Some would prefer to visit the countryside instead and have a long walk through the fields and woodlands, observing the wildlife. There were also some amusement parks, such as the Kursaal in Southend-On-Sea which were very popular with Victorians. This was also an age where zoos were becoming increasingly popular. The Victorians were very fond of theatre and would visit often. The popular theatres were usually the ones in seaside towns.

What is the British most popular hobby?

In the Old England the tradition was either, Polo (for the rich) or Rugby and Football for the middle class or the poor, At the present time, Football is probably the most popular... Hope this helped :)

What are some hobbies in Argentina?

Some popular hobbies in Argentina have to do with sports. It is very common for residents to both play and watch sports. The most popular is soccer. Auto racing is almost a popular hobby.

What sport was most played by the Victorians?

american football

Why was Gothic genre was so popular in Victorian England?

because victorians liked it