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Fitted- no adjustment strip also a larger wider, flater bill. Baseball cap has the adjustment strip and a smaller more rounded bill to keep the sun out of your eyes.

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Q: What is The difference between a baseball cap and a fitted cap?
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What is the difference between baseball cap and trucker cap?

A baseball cap has cotton or wool material all around the cap. A trucker cap has foam material on front and a synthetic netting material on back.

What is the difference between snapback and cap?

snapbacks have the snap thingy in the back, where fitted caps dont. Snapbacks have a flat top and are more flat on the top.

What is the difference between an authentic baseball cap and a replica cap?

the difference is that one is more advanced for people who want to spend money the other is for people who want it for fun

What cap does Flo Rida wear in the video good feeling?

Customized Miami Heat fitted cap

What is difference between a CAP and an IXC?

I don't know the answer can't find it.

What is the difference between a watch cap and a beanie?

A watch cap, sometimes referred to as a ski cap, is a snug-fitted knit hat with a roll at the bottom. The term originates from naval watchmen who wore these types of hats while on "watch" during cold weather. A beanie is very similar to a watch cap, although it does not have the roll at the bottom and fits closely on the head without additional material extending from the top.

What is the difference between a distributor cap and a coil?

A distributor cap holds all the wires, A coil only has 1 wire in the top of it.

What is the difference between a chinois and a china cap?

chinois has smaller holes and china cap has larger holes, both used for straining.

What the difference between the blue and the red HEI distributor?

Cap color...nothing more.

Do hat sizes range betweeen styles (i.e. cowboy hat vs. fitted baseball cap)?

No a mans hat size is measured in inches and is universal to all hats.

Does the wrong size cap cause coolant level to drop?

An incorrectly fitted radiator cap can allow coolant to escape the system.

Do guys think it is hot when a girl wears a baseball cap with his or her favorite team on it if so why?

It doesnt make a difference. Its the girl under the cap they think is hot.

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