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It's the new name for the Conference National division, the top division outside the Football League. Named after the gambling company which sponsors it.

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Q: What is The Blue Square Premiere League?
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Are spurs in the premiere league?

confrence blue square

Can you get blue square premier league on FIFA 13?

Unfortunately you cannot get the Blue Square Premier League on FIFA 13. Nor will you be able to on FIFA 14.

Can blue square compete in the league cup?

No, the league cup is only for teams in League 2 and above.

How many divisions are in English soccer?

There are 4 Professional divisions: Barclays Premier League, Coca-Cola Championship, Coca-Cola League One and Coca-Cola League 2. Any of the leagues just below, such as the Blue Square Bet Premier League (Conference) are semi-professional.

When was Dominica Premiere League created?

Dominica Premiere League was created in 1970.

When was Bulgarian Premiere Futsal League created?

Bulgarian Premiere Futsal League was created in 2002.

When was Hellenic Futsal Premiere League created?

Hellenic Futsal Premiere League was created in 1997.

Who is currently top of the blue square premier league?

Burton Albion in 2009

Which league do Halesowen Town FC play in?

The British Gas Business league, which is two divisions below the Conference (Blue Square Premier)

When was premiere league made?


What is the highest division in football?

if your talking about England then the answer would be the premiere league, Scottish: Scottish premiere, Spanish: Spanish premiere

Who is in the premiere league?

chelse anad arsenal