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She's really not a sport person.

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Q: What is Taylor swift's favorite sport and why?
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What are Talor Swifts favorite sports?

Taylor swift favorite sport is cheerleading

What is Taylor Swifts's favorite color?

Taylor swifts favorite colors are white, pink, and purple.

What is Taylor Swifts favorite lunch food?

Taylor Swifts favorite lunch food is IN-N-OUT. :D

Is Taylor Swifts favorite color purple or white?

Taylor's favorite color is white

What is Taylor swifts moms favorite quote?

It is what it is

What is Taylor swifts favorite couleur?

Blue! :)

Taylor swifts favorite food?

not sushi

What is Taylor Swifts favorite flower?

According to a survey on the website TaylorSwiftStyle, Swift's favorite flowers are hydrangeas, peonies, and wildflowers.

what is Taylor Swifts 2nd favorite colour?


What is Taylor swifts favorite author?

J.K. Rowling

What is Taylor swifts favorite song to perform?

lean on me

Taylor swifts favorite song that she sings?