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Q: What is TDS rate on Payment for Retainership Fee?
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What is the rate of tds?

TDS Means Tax Deduction At Source .... Tax is the applicable Rate is to be deducted from the salary from the employee at the time of paying/ crediting the salary.... TDS rate is Depending on Basic amount ...

What is the current rate of tds for freight?

Tds Rates are NIL On Transport

Have to deduct tds on Service Tax while making party payment?

TDS has to be deducted based on the TDS Rates provided for different nature of transactions like 2.266% for contractors, 1.133% for subcontractors and advertisement contracts, etc., TDS is required to be deducted on the Payment being made / amount credited to the party account. for example Consultancy service chages are Rs.1,00,000/- Add : Service Tax @ 12.36% Rs. 12,360/- Totaling to Rs.1,12,360/- Rate of TDS 11.33% on Rs.1,12,360/- amounts to Rs. 12,730/-

What is tds rate on photography service?

The TDS rate on any photography service is 10%. This tax amount is required to be deducted at the source.

When due date of TDS payment falls on Sunday can you make payment on next day?

Kindly le Let me know if tds due date falls on sunday,can it be paid next day Kavita

What is the journal entry payment after cutting tds?

Cash / Bank A/c. ------Dr. Tds receivable A/c.-----Dr. To Sundry Debtor A/c.------Cr.

If 7 is holiday when due date of tds payment?

Next working day.....

Interest rate on deposit of tds after due date?


What is the meaning of TDS in bank sector?

TDS refers to Tax Deducted at Source. In regard to certain incomes, government makes it mandatory to deduct a certain amount of tax by the person who is making payment to other party. For example, while making rent payment by the tenant to the landlord, tenant may be required to retain a certain amount of rent payment as tax (TDS) and deposit the same with the government.

What is the journal entry of payment received from debtor after deducting tds?

By Cash a/c dr. 5000 By Tds receivable a/c dr. 500 To Debtors a/c cr. 5500

What is the difference between TDS and service tax?

TDS is Tax Deduction at Source which is deducted from the service holder/ consultant during payment. At present, TDS is 10.1%. Service tax is a tax payable on the service provided by the service provider, at present it is at 12.36%

What is TDS rate for Rent?

This all depends on who is renting. It will range from 10% to 20%.