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Stevie, he doesn't really have a nickname.

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Q: What is Steve Williams Tiger Woods caddy nickname?
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Related questions

Tiger Woods caddie?

Steve Williams.

Who has caddied for Tiger Woods?

Steve Williams.

What is Tiger Woods caddys name?

Steve Williams.

Who is Tiger Woods' regular caddie?

Steve Williams.

Who is Tiger Woods current caddie?

Steve Williams.

Who is Tiger Woods caddie?

Steve Williams from New Zealand

What is tiger woods current caddies name?

Steve Williams.

Did Tiger Woods get a new caddy?

No, Steve Williams is still his caddy.

What is the other animal headcover in tiger woods bag?

A Kiwi for Steve Williams.

Who is the highest earning golf caddy?

Steve Williams, Tiger Woods' caddy.

Who is the Richest golf caddie in the world?

It would have to be Tiger Woods' caddy, Steve Williams.

Is Tiger Woods a famous New Zealander?

No, but his caddy Steve Williams is from New Zealand.

Who is Tiger Woods golf caddy?

Steve Williams was his caddie , now it's Joe LaCava

What caddie has won the most major golf tournaments?

Steve Williams (Tiger Woods's former caddy). With Tiger, he won 13 majors tournaments.

What is the tigre woods first name?

Tiger Woods was named Eldrick Woods, Tiger is simply a nickname.

Who is the highest paid caddy on the PGA tour?

More than likely it is Steve Williams, Tiger Woods' caddy.

What are the characters on Tiger Woods club covers?

On his driver he has a Tiger, this is obviously for himself. On his three wood he has a Kiwi, this is for his caddie Steve Williams, who is from New Zealand.

When did Tiger Woods change his name?

It is not known if Tiger Woods has actually changed his name or not. Tiger is simply a nickname his father gave to him that has stuck.

Who is new zealand richest sportsman?

well if you count Tiger Woods' former caddie, Steve Williams, its him. Otherwise its Ryan Nelson the footballer

What country does Steve Williams live in?

His home is in New Zealand, but he travels the world to caddy for Tiger Woods, he's on a break now though.

What is Steve Williams famous for?

Steve Williams is a New Zealand-born caddy, who is famous for being Adam Scott's caddy during his recent Masters win, and also for serving as Tiger Woods' caddy for over ten years.

What is the old name of Tiger Woods?

His full name is Eldrick Tont Woods. Tiger is a nickname given to him by his Father, in honor of his friend.

Why did Eldrick Tont Woods change his name to Tiger?

He did not, it is a nickname.

What is Tiger Woods child name?

Tiger wood's original name was Eldric. He adopted the nickname "Tiger" from a soldier in Vietnam who saved his father, Earl Woods, life.

Why does Tiger Woods caddie hate Phil Mickelson?

tiger and Phil are like rivals and Steve.