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Spains biggest win in soccer has been the 2008 Euro cup.

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Q: What is Spain biggest win in soccer?
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What is Australia's biggest win in soccer history?

Spain won 4 and Germany won 6

In soccer who would win Spain or pourgtal?

Spain they would win like 3-0

What is the USA's biggest win in soccer?

Their biggest win was beating Barbados 8-0 in 2008.

Who will win the 2010 soccer world cup?


Who will win soccer world cup 2010?

It is Spain or Brazil.

Did Spain win the world cup for soccer?

In 2010 yes.

Did Spain win their soccer game today?

yes they did 2 1

Who has the biggest soccer ever?

Spain and England have the most famous leagues in the world.

What is the biggest soccer stadium in Europe?

Camp Nou, Barcelona, Spain - 98,772

How many times did Spain win the world soccer cup?

once 2010

Which country soccer team win the fifa world cup 2010?


What is the biggest winning margin in a soccer game?

well i dont know but the biggest win in my soccer league in under 10 is 15-0 and i reckon that is the biggest margin i have seen in my livfe

Did Spain win against Chile in soccer world cup 2010?

Yes. Chile 1-2 Spain

How many games have Spain soccer team win?

Spain has won 65 games and has loss none this year and will win world cup they are winning the group Argentina is horrible

What is Spain favourite sport?

From looking at Wikipedia I can see that the most favourite sport in Spain is soccer. Not surprising after the Euro 2008 Cup win and the World Cup win 2010.

Who is expected to win soccer competition in the 2012 summer Olympics?

Brazil,Spain,Mexico, Uruguay,

What Is The Biggest Ever Soccer Win Anywhere In The World Club Or International?

66 on FIFA 11

What was the biggest win in professional soccer?

The answer is 31-0 Australia vs American Samoa, in 2002.

What are the leading soccer clubs in Spain?

The biggest clubs would be Barcelona, Real Madrid, Villareal and Atletico Madrid.

What soccer match did Malta last win?

Their biggest win and last win was March 26th 2008 at Ta Qali (Malta National Stadium) with a 7-1 win to Liechtenstein...

What is the largest soccer audience?

The biggest stadium is in Barcelona, Spain. It holds 118,000 people. I think about 90,000 is the largest audience.

Is soccer the biggest sport in Italy?

Yes soccer is the biggest sport in Italy.

Name a team who were the only team to have lost their opening game but went on to win a soccer world cup?

It is Spain.

Who would win Spain or Barcelona in a soccer game?

Spain is composed of a few players from Barcelona, as well as other teams, both Spanish and non-Spanish.

What is the biggest meal of the day in Spain?

The biggest meal in Spain is lunch