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He is know for all his amazing movies on the ice, his goals and points, and just himself, he's the biggest NHL superstar ever

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Q: What is Sidney Crosby known for today?
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Is Sidney Crosby back?

not yet as of today which is Aug.29.2011

Sidney Crosby's middle name?

Sidney Crosby's birth name is Sidney Patrick Crosby.

What is Sidney Crosby real name?

Sidney Patrick Crosby

Who is better Sidney Crosby or jonathon toews?

Sidney Crosby

Who is bigger Sidney Crosby or Adam mquaid?

sidney crosby

Who is better Wayne Gretzky or Sidney Crosby?

Sidney Crosby

Who is the youngest captin in the NHL today?

Sidney Crosby. Plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

What language does sidney crosby speak?

Sidney Crosby speaks English and french.

Is Sidney Crosby dating an abercrombie model?

No Sidney Crosby is not dating ANYONE!

Did Sidney Crosby retire?

Sidney Crosby has not retired from Ice Hockey yet.

Why did Sidney Crosby retire?

Sidney Crosby has not retired from ice hockey yet.

Does Sidney Crosby have Twitter?

Yes he does go to: I <3 Sidney Crosby