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well, I'm from Serbia, and i think we don't have a official national sport... were good at everything :)

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โˆ™ 2011-02-18 11:26:56
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Q: What is Serbia's official national sport?
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Name the national sports what countries Japan Australia?

Japan national sport is Sumo WrestlingAustralia national sport is Cricket, although this is not official. Australia has no official national sport.

What is official national sport of Bulgaria?

There is no official national sport in Bulgaria. The two most famous sports are football and volleyball.

What is national sport of bangaladesh?

Kabaddi is the official national sport. However cricket is the most popular.

What is national sport of bangadesh?

Kabaddi is the official national sport. However cricket is the most popular.

What is national game of Canada?

Canada actually has two national sports. Lacrosse is the official summer sport Hockey is our official winter sport

Curling Canada's official national sport?


How did Hockey become a national sport?

It's not the official National sport in Canada. it's just very popular.

What is the official sport of Argentina?

Argentina's national sport is Pato. Their most popular sport is soccer (football).

Is lacrosse Canada's national sport yes or no?

Yes, but it's one of two. Canada has two national sports. The official summer sport is lacrosse, while their official winter sport is ice hockey.

Is soccer Mexico's natinal sport?

no.. The official national Mexican sport is the Charreada or Charreria.

Did Canada create the sport hockey?

yess we did... hence its our un-official national sport.

When was hockey made the national game?

Ice hockey has been the official national sport of Canada since 1994. Field hockey has been the official national sport of Pakistan since 1972. It has been considered the de facto national sport of India for decades.

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