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Q: What is Rodger Federer's prize money winnings to date?
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How much money did Einstein win for his Nobel Prize?

He did not win any of the money. He made a deal with his first wife with her giving him a divorce he would give her all of his winnings for his nobel prize.

How long do you have to pay taxes on prize winning?

The taxes on prizes must be paid at the time you pay income tax for the year in which the prizes were awarded. If you have cash winnings, money is typically withheld from your winnings for taxes.

How is tax calculated on lottery winnings?

In the UK there is no tax to pay on lottery winnings, although the govenment do take tax before the prize fund before any winnings are paid.

If you come in second in Jeopardy do you get to keep your winnings?

The winner of the match gets to keep his winnings, the second place finisher receives a $2000 consolation prize (regardless of how much money he ended the game with) and the third place finisher receives a $1000 consolation prize (regardless of how much money he ended the game with.) If the returning champion does not win his next match, he keeps his winnings from the previous games plus receives either the $2000 or $1000 consolation prize for the current game. In the event of a first-place tie, the two returning champions play their next game against a new third contestant. Imagine the new contestant wins that game. He keeps his winnings and the departing champions get to keep their winnings from previous games plus the respective consolation prizes for the current game.

How do you spell prizes?

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "prizes" (winnings, awards).

What is the highest winnings of a Roman chariot racer?

The highest paid athlete of all time was a Roman chariot driver named Gaius Appuleius Diocles. He raced for 24 years and won 35,863,120 in prize money. This is recorded on an inscription erected in Rome by his fellow charioteers and fans upon his retirement. It was said his total winnings were enough to provide the entire city of Rome with grain for a whole year. In today's money his winnings would be about $15 billion.

What is the prize money at the Cincinnati open?

The prize money is $2,340,000

What is the prize money for the winner?

The prize money is $12, 550,000.

How much prize money?

The question is misleading. How much prize money for what?

What is the Wimbleton prize money for the winner?

The prize money is $12, 550,000.

What is the prize money for the Triple Crown winner?

American Pharoh, the winner of the 2016 Triple Crown, won a total of $2.94 million. The winnings include $1.24 million for the Kentucky Derby and $900,000 for the Preakness Stakes.

The Nobel Prize money comes from where?

The Nobel Prize money comes from Alfred Nobel's own investment money. He invested money and by the time he died there was loads of money so that money is the prize money.

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