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Roberto Baggio was an Italian Football player who won FIFA World Player of the Year in 1993. He went on to become the President of the Technical Sector of the The Italian Football Federation (FIGC).

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Q: What is Roberto Baggio famous for?
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What is Roberto Baggio's birthday?

Roberto Baggio was born on February 18, 1967.

When was Roberto Baggio born?

Roberto Baggio was born on February 18, 1967.

What nicknames does Roberto Baggio go by?

Roberto Baggio goes by The Divine Ponytail.

Are Dino Baggio and Roberto Baggio related?


Are Roberto baggio and dino baggio brothers?


How old is Roberto Baggio?

Roberto Baggio is 50 years old (birthdate: February 18, 1967).

Who a soccer player similer to Roberto baggio?

If it is the name then it is Dinno Baggio.

How tall is Roberto Baggio?

He should be 5ft 9in.

Who has played for inter milan and brescia?

Roberto Baggio!

Who are some Buddhist soccer players?

roberto baggio.

Who is the most loved soccer player?

Baggio Roberto

Who is known as devine ponytail?

footballer Roberto Di Baggio

Which footballer was also known as the divine ponytail?

Roberto Baggio

Who is FIFA world player of the year 1993?


Who is best footballer in the world in 1993?

It was the Italian Roberto Baggio.

Which famous soccer players have worn number 18?

Pual Scholes Mesi (Argentia Roberto Baggio (Italy) guardado(mexico)

Are Roberto baggio and dino baggio bhothers?

Even though they both played for Italy and juventus t,hey are not brothers.

What is Roberto Baggio well known for?

Roberto Baggio is well known for playing Italian football. He was a forward and attacking midfielder. He was also the President of the Technical Sector of the Italian Football Federation.

Did Roberto Baggio wear the number 88?

As far as I know Roberto Baggio The Divine Ponytail, always wore jersey number 10. from juventus to the Italian team. [Baggio worn number 18 for A.C.Milan and number 15 for the 1990 World Cup Azzurri Team]

What are the names of famous soccer players?

Adriano, Pablo Aimar,Roberto Baggio,Michael Ballack,Gabriel Batistuta,Franz Beckenbauer,and David Beckham,

How many penalties has Roberto baggio missed in his career?

more than u can count

Who was Italy's captain in the 1994 World Cup?

The Italian captain in 1994 was Roberto Baggio.

Which player was named FIFA World player of the 1993?

Theman the legend that is ROBERTO BAGGIO

Who has played for fiorentina juventus ac Milan bologna inter Milan and brescia?

Roberto Baggio

Who is top 5 most skillful soccer players since 1990?

They are Roberto Baggio, Zinedine zidane, Roberto Carlos, christiano Ronald and rivaldo.