What is River Kayaking?

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river kayaking is, kayaking on a river, you generaly use a smaller boat for river kayaking but it depends what kind of river. eg if its white water (really rough) you would use a small manoverable boat that is easy to recover from a capsize at the usually occur when white water kayaking. for just rivers which arent rough, a slighty bigger boat is best. nd by the kayaking is sooooo fun. (so is sailing) am a water sport kinda person lol

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Q: What is River Kayaking?
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Where is the best kayaking place in Jamaica?

By far kayaking in Ocho Rios on the white river is the best. The river is quite swift too.

Where is kayaking most popular?

Alaska, Canada, and the Colorado river.

Is ocean kayaking safer than river kayaking?

If you are good at kayaking and you and your wife are experienced then you should be fine with Ocean Kayaking. The only difference would be perhaps the waves and the depth of the water but I have travelled to tropical destinations and often see people kayaking in the ocean.

What kind of sports do they do at the seine river?

Kayaking, Swimming, and Water Polo.

Kayaking the Danube river general advice Average distance per day?

60 klomoters

Is this the correct spelling if not what is it correcly kayaking?

It's correct: kayaking

Yes what are best kayaks for begginners?

It depends what type of kayaking you would like to do. If you would like to get into river kayaking I would suggest Jackson Kayaks and the Fun Series as a good entry level boat.

Where is the kayaking rivers on Panfu?

this river is where the boats are i think.yepthere aree more rivers on panfu but just look aroud on the beach river just in case.10coolgirl

What products does River City Sports offer?

One can buy a multitude of products at River City Sports. Like the name suggests, one can purchase equipment that is used for river sports such as kayaking.

Who can do kayaking?


Where is the best place to go for white water kayaking?

There is a larger variety of different amazing places to go for whit water kayaking. The best ones are Alesk and Tatsheshini Rivers in Alaska/Canada and Magpie River in Canada.

What was the kayak used for?


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