What is Randy Moss' uniform number?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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81 (an inversion of his previous number of 18 which he wore in both Minnesota and Oakland)

The numbers that Randy Moss has worn since High school.

Dupont High, #3

Florida State, #18

Marshall University, #88

Vikings, #18, 84

Oakland, #18

New England, #18*, 81

*number 18 jersey on the patriots team was only worn in practice but never worn in a real game. said #81

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Q: What is Randy Moss' uniform number?
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What number is Randy Moss?

#81 for the New England Patriots

What number did Randy Moss wear while playing at Marshall?

Randy Moss wore number 88 at Marshall.

What is randy moss's number for the vikings?

His number was 18

Who was number 81 instead of randy moss?

Bethel Johnson

Who got randy moss's number on the patriots?

Danny Woodhead

Who is better randy moss or terell Owens?

Randy Moss

Did Randy Moss wear jersey number 83 for the New York Jets football team?

Randy Moss never played for the New York Jets.

Who is better randy moss or Chad Ochocinco?

Randy moss of course

What position does Randy Moss play?

Randy Moss is a wide reciever.

Who is faster Tom Brady or randy moss?

Randy Moss by alot

Did randy moss play as number eighteen for the patriots?

No he did for the Raiders but now he is number 81

What is Randy Moss's birthday?

Randy Moss was born on February 13, 1977.