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Rajon Rondo's mother's name is Amber Rondo . Nobody really knows his father's name because his father left the family when Rajon was 7 .

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โˆ™ 2010-07-06 22:25:15
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Q: What is Rajon Rondo's parents' names?
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What is rajon rondos number?


Who was rajon rondos favorite basketball player when he was a kid?

Rajon Rondo

What is rajon rondos tattoo of?

NO tattoos failure

How old is rajon rondos daughter?


What is rajon rondos full name?

His full name is Rajon Pierre Rondo.

Rajon Rondos Favorite TV Show?

Rajon Rondo Loves to whatch Bet Hipop

Who is rondos girlfriend?

Rajon Rondo's girlfriend is Ashley Bachelor.

How old are rajon' rondos kids?

He has one daughter, Ryelle. She is 3.

How long is rajon rondos wing span?

Rajon Rondo is only 6-1 , but he has a 6-9 wingspan!

What is rajon rondos weight?

He is listed on the Celtics roster as 6'1" and 171 pounds.

Where are Rajon Rondo's parents from?

Louisville, Kentucky

Who is Rajon Rondo parents?

amber rondo

Who is rajon rondo' s parents?

amber rondo

Is rajon rondo a virgin?

no, he has a daughter names Ryelle

Who is rondo's girlfriend?

Rondos girlfriend is Ashley bachelor

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What is the birth name of Rajon Rondo?

Rajon Rondo's birth name is Rajon Pierre Rondo.

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What is Rajon Rondo's full name?

Rajon Pierre Rondo

Who is better Rajon Rondo or Chris Paul?

Rajon Rondo

Is rajon rondo french?

Yes Rajon Rondo is French .

Who is Rajon Rondo's Mom?

Rajon's mom's name is amber

Who is Rajon Rondo's Agent?

Rajon is represented by Bill Duffy.

Who is Rajon Rondo's mom?

Rajon's mom's name is amber

Who is Rajon Rondo's agent?

Rajon is represented by Bill Duffy.