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It is roughly 30,000 pounds a week.

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Q: What is Rafael marquez salary in Barcelona fc?
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What is Rafael Marquez's claim to fame?

Rafael Marquez is a profesional footballer and is a great influence to the mexican people. He has won many matches but his claim to fame was winning the 2006 UEFA Champions league with FC Barcelona. He was the first ever mexican to receive the honor of winning this match.

How much is eto salary in fc Barcelona?

Samuel Etoos salary at Barcelona is 120,000 pounds a week after tax cuts.

What does fc Barcelona stand for?

FC Barcelona stands for Futbol Club Barcelona

What is the name of Barcelonas soccer team?

FC Barcelona(Fútbol Club Barcelona)

Has FC Barcelona 'A' ever played FC Barcelona 'B'?

FC Barcelona b has been in the Liga BBVA so I assume that they have played against FC Barcelona a

What country is fc Barcelona?

Spain. [FC Barcelona is a soccer team FROM the city Barcelona.]

Was Barcelona b or FC Barcelona that played against Manchester united?

Fc Barcelona

Is FC Barcelone and FC Bayern the same?

No, FC Barcelona is from Barcelona, Spain and FC Bayern is from Munich, Bavaria.

What is the salary in fc Barcelona soccer team?

i have no must be alot knowing that they are one of the greatest teams in the world

When was FC Barcelona B created?

FC Barcelona B was created in 1970.

What country is fc?

Spain. [FC Barcelona is a soccer team FROM the city Barcelona.]

When was FC Barcelona Hoquei created?

FC Barcelona Hoquei was created in 1942.