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Q: What is Rafael Nadals percentage of a 5 set match?
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What is match point in a badminton?

Match point: Situation 1: Let's say there's a Player A, he won the first set. And now he got 20 points in the 2nd set, that's called a match point, the point that might determine the winner. Situation 2: Player A won the first set, but lose the second set, but in the third set, he is getting his 20th point, so that is called the match point. Conclusion: Match point is a point that might determine the winner of the match. (Match point will never be in the first set, first set 20 points are called game point)

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To finish a "burn alive" match, one wrestler typically sets their opponent on fire using a prop or pyrotechnics. This type of match is highly dangerous and often involves special effects to give the appearance of the opponent being engulfed in flames while remaining safe. It is important to remember that professional wrestling involves scripted performances and careful planning to ensure the safety of all performers involved.

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